Since I have enough time now, and I feel that you have all been so nice with your patience, I'll treat you to not one new review, but TWO. So the next one that was on the list of reviews was "Hurricane Fluttershy." I just want to cut down that list a little more before I get back to accepting requests again. So to take another chunk out, let's not waste any time and jump right in.

You know what guys? Just tell me if me putting spoiler warnings is getting repetitive, and I'll stop with them. I mean, you've probably all watched these episodes by now. And if you haven't, you really have no excuse not to. These episodes are several months old already. Just tell me if you think that my spoiler alerts are getting old, and this will be the last one. If not, I will keep putting them on here.

Also, spoiler alert. (This will be the last one if you guys want me to get rid of these, I swear!)

Fluttershy's role: This episode might be one of my favorite Fluttershy performances ever. (I know I say that a lot, but still.) In addition to her normal brand of cuteness and just being adorably naive, she actually stands up for herself and shows determination. Even though at the beginning of the episode she just tries to avoid humiliation as much as possible, she decides to suck it up for once and push herself. However, she doesn't do as well as she had hoped. This doesn't stop her, surprisingly, and she ends up training even harder in order to impress her friends. Even though she still performs beneath her expectations, she decides to help out at the performance that she was training for but initially worked so hard to avoid anyway and actually ends up being a valuable asset to her friends. (I'll explain the story in more detail in the next section, so if you're confused, then just read the next section to figure out what I am talking about.) You do really feel some sympathy for Fluttershy, and even when she doesn't feel like she is of any use, you just wanna comfort her and tell her that she can. She is just as lovable as ever, and her personality shines brightly in this episode in particular. Nothing seems to be wrong with her here, so I would say that she performs pretty much perfect.

Fluttershy's performance: 10 / 10

The plot: Basically the plot here is that Fluttershy and the rest of the pegasi need to funnel water up to Cloudsdale to be able to create clouds. To do this, they have to create a tornado with enough "wing power" to funnel the water up to Cloudsdale. Their combined wing power must exceed 800 to do so, which makes it quite a difficult task if any pony is not giving their full effort. As the pegasi begin training, they begin to measure, even reaching an individual wing power of around 16.5 (set by Rainbow Dash, as if that wasn't obvious). However, as Fluttershy has always been a poor flyer, she only measures at 0.5 wing power due to her stage fright. When she realizes how little she will contribute, she gets depressed and abandons the rest of them. However, she becomes inspired to do better, and trains hard for a chance to prove herself. When she returns, she measures at a 2.3 wing power. If you do the math, this is actually very impressive, as she increased her power by 460%. And considering that she most likely did all of this in a matter of hours, she obviously had an incredibly rigorous training session. However, she still isn't pleased with herself, and decides not to show for the actual event. She later shows up anyway for moral support, but stands by. However, the pegasi only reach a collective wing power of 795. Fluttershy takes one for the team and adds herself to the group, and actually helps the rest of them surpass the minimum 800 wing power needed to succeed. That means she has increased from 0.5 to at least 5.0, and still in just a few hours. That is a 1000% increase in power since she began, which is incredible. Fluttershy becomes the major figure among the pegasi and is praised for her help. I love this episode, because it shows Fluttershy's normal attitude with some confidence and determination mixed in. I actually see nothing wrong in this episode, and that is always something welcomed in a show such as this one: to have an episode as well-created as this.

The plot: 10 / 10

Well, since this episode has gotten two perfect scores in both fields, then that means the only possible result would be:

"Hurricane Fluttershy" Final Score: 10 / 10

I am definitely not afraid to give this episode such a high score, and I guess this means that, unless I can find another episode to meet (or even maybe surpass) this one, then this episode will be my favorite episode ever. Of all time. If you don't agree with what I said here, then just tell me why, and I will take a look at your comments. (And if you guys have noticed, yes, I do have a little bit of a personal bias towards Fluttershy episodes. I just can't help it, she's my favorite pony after all!) So anyways, as always, feel free to state your opinions, be patient for future reviews, and keep the support coming! I appreciate all that you guys do for me! See you soon!