Well guys, I'm finally back to reviewing. After over a month without reviewing anything, I wanna get to an episode that I honestly want to voice my opinion on. So guys, I won't keep you waiting any longer. This is my newest review: "Lesson Zero!"

You've all seen this episode already, I know you have. And if you haven't, then go watch it already!

So first off, I'll make a quick summary for this episode so I can talk about each point I want to make as I go along. The episode is, in its most basic form, Twilight Sparkle's race against the clock to try to deliver a friendship lesson letter to Princess Celestia before sundown. Twilight, being the very studious pony she is, never wants to be late for anything. She seriously fears being tardy at all and tries to do anything to prevent herself from experiencing delays in any form. Her biggest fear ends up being that her delivering one letter late will have her be sent back to "Magic Kindergarten." She begins to run around town, looking for people with friendship-related problems. She can't find any problems, and by mid-day she gets pretty frantic. Twilight remembers that her friends are having a picnic and goes to ask if they have any problems. However, they don't realize the urgency of Twilight's situation, no matter how much Twilight tries to convince them otherwise. She storms off when they offer no help to her. By this point Twilight goes pretty insane, and ends up coming up with one solution: if she can't find a friendship problem to report on, then she'll just have to make one instead. Twilight then comes up with a plan to get the CMC to fight over one of her dolls. After she shows them the doll, they think she has gone crazy (they aren't wrong, mind you). She casts a spell forcing every pony who looks at the doll desire it. The plan goes completely out of control, and the CMC tear at each other to get the doll for themselves. She realizes that she can't do anything, so she gets Big Mac to take the doll. Effortlessly, he pulls the doll from the fighting fillies, but he, too, has fallen under the spell. He runs through the town, and every pony who notices the doll also falls under its magical spell. Eventually almost every pony in town ends up fighting over the doll, causing Princess Celestia to step in and reverse the spell before it gets any worse. (Oh look, she actually did something here!) Celestia is about to punish Twilight for causing the town to turn against one another, but Twilight's friends step in and plead with Celestia not to do anything to her. They say that they should have listened to Twilight's dilemma in the first place, and put the blame on themselves. Celestia then decides to not punish Twilight, on the condition that they all write letters to her about what they learn about friendship, and only when they learn something. Twilight's friends all decide to write a letter together, and apologize for not listening closer to Twilight's problems.

I've heard a lot of people putting this episode in a bad light, but honestly guys, I'm not one of them. This episode is well above my average consensus for episodes, and with great reason: it pretty much does everything well. The animation is still consistent here, the plot is thought out pretty well, and I enjoy the humor. I would say that not only Twilight experiences some character development here, but her friends as well. You can tell from this episode that it is meant to be sort of a turning point in the series. After this episode, they began to experiment a lot with the series, and broke off from the slightly more child-oriented episodes of season one. As such, this episode basically marks when it started to cater more towards fans of all ages. I see where people get the argument that this episode in particular caters "too much" to the bronies, but how is that a bad thing? In my opinion, if the creators are trying to reach to us more, then so be it. I would say that they did a great job with this episode and the many goals it set and met.

(Also, creepy faces. Creepy faces everywhere.)

Lesson Zero Final Score: 9.4 / 10

Well, I guess I'm back now. I hope to stay that way in the future, but as of now, no promises. I mean, it's not going to be too long until I write another review, right? (Karma sits in the backstage, ready to kick my flank up and down the room as I return)

Anyway, see you all for my next review, whenever it comes! Feel free to give some feedback, arguments, and other various opinions you may have in the meantime. Until next time!