Surprise, I'm doing another review!

I originally posted this in the comments section for Keep Calm and Flutter On, but I'll do a little tweaks on it here and there, since I've gotten a little bit of experience since then. Well, without further ado, time for my review! This is my honest opinion on: "Keep Calm and Flutter On!"

*Spoilers, yadda yadda, yadda.*

Well, to start off, how were the main character roles?

Fluttershy's role: I have never seen Fluttershy so well written ever before. She is trying to give Discord a chance even though the other ponies will ridicule her for doing so. And she also seems to know just how much of a challenge it will be to reform such a foreboding villain. This is how I believe Fluttershy should be portrayed: modest and bashful but still able to take control in times of need.

Fluttershy's performance: 10/10. (Thank you, writers, for making such good writing for her. I would have been angry if they messed anything up with Fluttershy's character.)

Discord's role: Ok, I will admit his performance was just a little worse than in Return of Harmony. But the difference is so insignificant that it's almost unnoticeable. Discord has a few problems that should have been tweaked, like when he had just entered Fluttershy's house. He just came off as a troll in that scene instead of plain old mischievous. He still acted really well throughout the episode, so that more than makes up for him. He managed to remain enjoyable for the whole episode. And I felt something click inside me when Discord realized that he should give up evil. (I still think he is going to be mischievous but have more of an antihero role from now on.) All in all, he wasn't perfect here, but what we got from him as a character is well written.

Discord's performance: 9.8/10.

Now let's move on to the story.

The story: This episode was really well written. The acting was great, the writing was well-done, and the plot, although a tad rushed, did give satisfaction for what it was worth. Personally, I would like to have seen a little more put in, but even with how much I felt I got, it worked for what it was trying to be. The script goes from heartfelt to awesome to just plain hilarious at every turn in the story. I would have just added a little more time with Fluttershy actually talking with Discord, and getting to know him a little more. But other than that, the story is pretty much near perfect, in my eyes anyway.

Story level: 9.5/10.

Overall, I would give this episode a final score of... (drumrolls and stuff)

Keep Calm and Flutter On Final Score: 9.8 / 10

In my opinion, this episode is great, and it deserves a spot as one of the greatest episodes in this entire series. Unless another one comes along to beat this one, this will stay at my number one spot for favorite episode of all time. See you all next review!

(Also, before I go, be sure to give thanks to Octado for requesting this one. I enjoyed this episode, and I went through the comments section just to bring it back here.)


(P.S. This one is shorter than most of my reviews due to inexperience, and the fact that the original copy of this was made off of an iPod, which is pretty much impossible to type on anyway. Sorry for the length, but this WAS only my first ever episode review. Also, this one might have a tiny bit of bias in there, due to the fact that I love Fluttershy, but this is my honest opinion, so feel free to share yours. I'd love to hear what you think.)