I'm going to start posting my reviews of the new episodes on my blog. At least now I'll have something to put up on here instead of it being just empty space.

Anyway, let's begin with what will officially be my first review: Just for Sidekicks (Season 3, Episode 11)

Spike's role: Out of all of Spike's episodes, this might be one of my favorites. Instead of just being greedy for the gems he did feel regret and pity for himself by the end of the episode. He seemed to show that he truly felt bad for ruining everything and making complications for everyone involved. But through some dumb luck, he managed to save it all in the end. It was nice to see a little bit of development in Spike's character throughout the episode, but we still see that he has tendencies and does feel bad when he can't suppress them as much as he would like himself to. I didn't find anything wrong with Spike in this episode, but he still remains a less interesting character than most of the main cast. At least to me.

Spike's performance: 9/10

The pets: In my opinion, they did seem to correctly fit the situation for this episode. They caused mayhem and all of them remained in character (if they even have a character). They worked well for what the episode did with them, but it didn't feel very overwhelming. It was a nice plot element, so it worked well enough. I didn't expect any more out of them than I got, but the pet that seemed to grab me the most was Angel (suprisingly, as I personally am not too fond of Angel). At the end, Angel actually showed a little bit of forgiveness and sympathy for Spike, so that made me like Angel a little bit more.

Pets' performance: 8/10

The Cutie Mark Crusaders: This was the area that I was looking forward to seeing the most in this episode. Sadly, I didn't get as much as I would have liked to. Nothing was wrong with them, but they didn't get as much screen time as I think they should have. This is an episode mainly focusing on Spike, but there was just too much missed opportunities here. I would have liked to see Spike and the CMC working together to be pet-sitters, but when the CMC did show up, it was brief and they only handled the pets for a good 25% of the episode, if it was even that long. But now for the good news: they were in character and they were pretty entertaining to see.

Cutie Mark Crusaders' performance: 7.5/10

The plot: While I enjoyed this episode like I would a regular episode, nothing seemed to stick out for me too much. The story of this episode was good, the writing was good, the jokes were humorous (to me at least), but this episode had one flaw in common with last week's episode. It felt rushed, and to me, it seemed like there was so much more room to expand upon. One thing I found interesting is how this episode (supposedly) ties in with the upcoming episode, Games Ponies Play. When the episode comes out I hope we can see how episode 11 and 12 are occurring at the same time. It would be a nice way to give the show some sense of having a timeline for each of its episodes. But since this is a review for this episode only, I'm going to give it its own score.

Plot: 8.5/10

Just for Sidekicks overall score: 8/10

Well, I guess this is it for Just for Sidekicks. If you want me to review any older episodes then feel free to request them. See you next episode!