Well, guys, I'm back to review another episode. After our two week gap between the episodes, was it worth the wait?

*Warning: Spoiler Alert- Only read this if you've watched the episode already*

*And if you're ignoring this, then don't say I didn't warn you, because I just did*

The Main 6's role: The good thing about this episode is that each of them had a somewhat equal part here, although Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash, and Rarity seemed to be just a little more important than Fluttershy, Applejack, and Pinkie Pie. In Pinkie's case, her comic relief is still humorous, and thankfully, her acting wasn't that bad here. Fluttershy and Applejack, however, barely had any influence on the plot. This doesn't ruin the episode, and due to how it turned out, it doesn't really pose a huge problem here. They all really did get involved in the plot, especially Rainbow Dash. She showed that she did not want a repeat of a problem she had faced before. This shows off her loyalty really well, in the sense that she would stick to her goal no matter what happened. Since Rarity wasn't on screen a whole lot, we didn't get to see much about her side of the story, but again, this doesn't bother me much. The ponies did give the inspector a nice, warm welcome (even if it was the wrong pony) so that was nice to see here. Shows how much they want this whole "games" thing to be absolutely perfect.

Main 6 rating: 8.5/10

The inspectors' roles '(the fake inspector and the real one)': The fake inspector (I already said spoiler alert, oh well) is a well-created character, although one thing that bugged me was her claustrophobia. It didn't really need to be there, and it probably wouldn't have impacted much if she wasn't claustrophobic. She did have a likeable personality though, and that's what matters most here. She just seemed to be overwhelmed with excitement, and that to me would be a natural response, because you wouldn't expect to just be brought off the street to be treated like royalty. The real inspector had incredibly bad luck here. What are the chances that someone gives a description of a pony with the same style printed onto your handbag and they are taken as the real inspector while you sit and wait for the welcoming committee that will most likely never arrive? And the fact that she always looks angry doesn't help the situation much. However, at the end, she did seem to forgive the main 6 for their mistake, so that was nice of her. And considering how much bad luck surrounded her throughout the episode, that's an awfully kind thing to do.

Inspectors rating: 9/10

The plot: You know what this reminds me of here? The episode of SpongeBob where he and Mr. Krabs are welcoming a health inspector but find out that there is a fake health inspector running around to get free food, so they decide to give him a sub-par burger. And then they found out that the inspector at their restaurant is the real guy. Kinda the same thing here, but the main 6 don't know until around the end. And the fact that they remain nice to the fake inspector throughout the whole thing. Anyway, this does in fact occur at the same time as "Just for Sidekicks," so that is a nice touch they came up with. Thankfully, they didn't tie in to each other too much, so it's not an overplayed gimmick. It was nice to see what happened once Twilight and friends left the house with Spike and to also see him and the pets on the train. Little touches like this really stand out from most episodes, and I applaud both of the episodes for that. Nothing bugged me about the story here itself, but it was really nothing special. Thankfully, this episode is given an extra boost of likeability due to there being so little problems.

Plot rating: 9/10


That's it everyone, hope you like it. My review for next week's episode (which is the FINALE already) might come late, since I will be on vacation for President's Day Weekend. Hopefully that won't be too big of a problem for you guys, but whatever happens will happen I guess.

Just a reminder here: you can request me to review any episode you want me to in the comments section. I do have things to say for just about every episode, so maybe we will be able to work something out with that.

See you all soon! (Hopefully next week, but if not, then whenever I get around to reviewing the finale episode.)