Welcome back to my reviews! It hasn't been that long since my last review, honestly, but I'm happy to do these reviews anyway! I hope you enjoy this one; this is my review of "Too Many Pinkie Pies."

(By the way, this was the first episode released after I became a brony. Feel free to do guesswork from there to pinpoint the exact date of my assimilation into the herd.)

(Why am I bothering with these spoiler warnings?)

I'm assuming most of you have watched this episode by this point. If you haven't, I recommend doing so before reading this, because you will probably have no idea what I'm talking about.

Pinkie's role (yes, all of them): You know how some people say that Pinkie can't control herself? Well, this basically is a physical representation of that very phrase. For the sake of this review, let's talk about the real Pinkie first. This is classic Pinkie here, complete with all her lovability, humor, quirkiness, and charm. This is pretty much portraying Pinkie as she is meant to be. She shows determination to be with all of her friends and tries to fix the problems she has once she knows the situation is getting out of control. Basically, the real Pinkie acts the way she should: adorably sporadic but also faithful to her friends. The fake Pinkie Pies, however, all act the same: determined to have fun without any sort of real thought of what they are doing. This seems to be an issue, but for me, it's a minor one. I also like how each of them is doing something random in the background at any given moment. If you look hard enough you will find some of their actions to be quite amusing. Since I don't feel like scoring the fake Pinkie Pies separate from the real one, I'll just average my opinion up for both of them.

Pinkie's performance: 9 / 10

The plot: The gimmick here is that Pinkie Pie is frantic about not being able to be with all of her friends at once. She then remembers something she learned as a child about a "mirror pond," which makes a physical copy of you once you walk into it. She uses it in order to be able to have fun with all of her friends, but then the clones begin to clone themselves and it escalates very quickly from there. The rest of the main 6 have to figure out who is the real Pinkie and propose a test to all of the Pinkies. The one who endures the test is the real Pinkie, because she wants to be with her friends more than the clones do. This is a nice plot, if I say so myself, and it also shows Pinkie's devotion to her friendship with the other ponies. It's very entertaining to watch and has many memorable moments. The storyline seems realistic enough to work, and it works really well. It leads itself to give more of a character to Pinkie and helps us relate to her a little more. This episode has a large amount of charm, which makes this episode one of my favorites, possibly in my top ten of all time.

The plot: 9.25 / 10

The humor: This episode is one of the reasons I'm so attached to the show. It showed me that this show has great humor, and this episode has comedy gold written all over it. In pretty much every 40 seconds of this episode something happens that amuses me. Many hilarious moments stick out in my mind, such as when Pinkie Pie was at the beach with Rainbow Dash and dived into the pool while trying to be quiet, and slowed down in midair to avoid making a splash. Of course, Rainbow Dash gives the proper response: "How did you do that?" Also, as I stated a little earlier, the fake Pinkies also have moments of their own. One scene shows Pinkie Pie swimming through the sand on the beach, and another has a Pinkie riding another Pinkie like a horse, while yet another has a clone making a face similar to the older generations of My Little Pony. This kind of humor really gives this episode most of its charm. Luckily, Pinkie isn't the only one making me laugh: the test to prove who is the real Pinkie is revealed by Twilight Sparkle. She only asks of one simple thing from them: watching paint dry. It's this episode's writing that makes me not only enjoy what happens here, but is also what puts Pinkie Pie as my second favorite member of the main 6.

The humor: 9.75 / 10

Let's wrap this up, shall we? My final score for this episode is... (rolls drum across floor)

"Too Many Pinkie Pies" Final Score: 9.3 / 10

So, yeah, I enjoyed this episode, and it gives me my appreciation for the adorably random pink pony we all know and love so dearly. Hope you enjoyed this review, and know that I am always open to criticism and commenting. Any requesting is greatly appreciated, and since I have nothing else on my list for now, feel free to ask away! See you guys next time!

(P.S. Be sure to give thanks to IXPilot for requesting this one. I enjoyed rewatching this again for my review.)