Don't worry, the reviews for episodes 6, 7, and 8 are in fact coming. But this time, they will be in video form! Yeah, I decided that a video review would be better to do instead of 3 hours of typing. Plus you get to hear my beautiful voice Plus you get to see my beautiful face Plus it's probably an easier way to express my opinions because you can actually hear my words instead of just staring at text. It's so that you can hear my emphasis with my auditory cues, you know, little stuff like that.

But for now, that's gotta be put on hold. I have a sinus infection and a bit of a cold which makes it hard to speak well at all. I have a scratchy voice right now and I also won't be able to tell if I'm speaking softly or quietly enough. So it's gonna be a while until I do that. But once I do get everything 100%, I swear I will get to my reviews ASAP. I know ou've heard me say that a billion times, and I know it's been a lie about 90% of the time, but seriously, I will make every effort to getting back to my reviews once I am absolutely sure they can be the best quality possible.

Also, on another note, I didn't get my fanfic done yet. Yep, another self-created deadline missed. That will come later, any free time I have is going to the reviews for now. Only then will I get to finishing the fanfic. (Then Skyrim, because I got it for Christmas and haven't opened it at all yet.)

So in the meantime, have some Flutterbat and some Coco Pommel.