With a week left to go before the big day we've been waiting for since almost an entire year ago, let's take a look back at the fan-favorite season. Does it still hold up as well as we remember it? ...Yes

But you probably can't tell all that well even with our ridiculous rambling (derp2)

So with that said, enjoy the longest video we've ever made (and that's AFTER trying to rush through a lot of it just to make sure it didn't go on for too long (lol)), which is chock full of good-old rambling and dead air, but also contains our brony origin stories. The first part of them anyways, stay tuned for the S3 retrospective to get a look at the next part of that.

Without further ado, take a look at our "extensive" look back at the glory days of the fandom: Season 2.

ToskiHero and EHAN's MLP FiM Season 2 Retrospective02:20:51

ToskiHero and EHAN's MLP FiM Season 2 Retrospective