Time to wrap this series of reviews up. We've said our opinions on Season 1, where the show was just getting its footing. We've talked about Season 2, where the series started showing off its true potential. And we've already discussed Season 4, which was a very different change of pace from anything before it. So what's left?

Arguably the most polarizing season of them all. It's time to wrap everything up by finally getting to Season 3. It was a rollercoaster to say the least, but it led to a smooth climb up. It may have not been the best season, but when it did things right, they were smash hits. When they took missteps, more often than not, they didn't go over well.

But after all of it, did it hold up? ...Yes, and no. Some of our opinions may surprise you, while others might not. Go check them out anyways, and don't worry, we made a shorter video this time. (Still long, but not over 2 hours this time)

ToskiHero and EHAN's MLP FiM Season 3 Retrospective01:58:38

ToskiHero and EHAN's MLP FiM Season 3 Retrospective