So yeah, it's been one heck of a season. We've had varying opinions all across the board, but one thing's for sure about this season:

It was a heck of a ride.

Whether you loved it, whether you didn't completely like it, it was still nice to get back together as a fandom for yet another season. And with S5 way off on the horizon, I feel like we should just talk about our thoughts on this fourth season as a whole. You can talk about anything related to the fourth season. But remember, for those of you who haven't seen everything about this season, there will be spoilers.


Now that we've got that out of the way, let's kick this discussion off with ToskiHero and I discussing the season in general for a good hour. Make sure you've got a bowl of popcorn and a comfy chair (as well as over an hour of free time) before watching this.

ToskiHero and EHAN's MLP FiM Season 4 Retrospective01:08:39

ToskiHero and EHAN's MLP FiM Season 4 Retrospective

After you've done that (or even if you haven't, we're not forcing you to watch it), be sure to leave a comment down below about what you think about our opinions, and feel free to give your own. Anything season 4 related, just pour out all of your thoughts on the season here.

Have fun!