Hey guys, I just wanna make a quick little message while I have the chance. I am going to acknowledge that I have not been as active on the wiki lately as I usually am. This is due to my school work not being perfectly perfect. I took a short break from the wiki to fix my grades, and it will continue until I am at the levels I need myself to be. Don't expect me to be on every day, but don't expect me to completely abandon the wiki either. I will be fully back sometime before Season 4 rolls around. I'm not gonna miss any of that stuff. I'm probably just gonna hop on the chat whenever I can, and look at what's been going on recently. I will try to keep myself updated, but if I can't help not being here, then whatever happens happens. Also, don't expect me to leave the wiki forever either. I am too devoted to leave you guys. Unless something catastrophic happens, I am gonna stick with the wiki as long as the show goes on.

tl;dr version- I have been less active in the past few days, and that will probably continue for a few days longer. I am not going to be here often, nor will I completely abandon you guys. I will be here from time to time, and hopefully I can get fully back to the wiki sometime in the next week or so.

Anyways, that's all I have to say. I haven't left, and I won't anytime soon. But just don't expect to see me everywhere until I can get my grades under control. If you need me (for whatever reason), hopefully I can get to you within a reasonable amount of time. Just trying to manage my own life here. I hope you understand my situation, and I will try my best to get back to my wiki routine here soon. Until next time, see ya guys later!