Well, I just didn't feel up to type a review for most of the weekend. On Friday, I had finally beaten Pokemon Emerald again, so I felt like I could have a billion other projects to do. But in actuality, I didn't really feel motivated to do anything but play Call of Duty for most of the weekend. Then on Sunday evening (which is earlier today at the time of my writing this), I finally felt in the mood to type my newest review. I had put about 3 hours into it, and hit the "publish" button. Then something tragic happened: I got an error screen that said I wasn't logged in. After I tried to fix the problem, it sent me back to an empty blog creation page. So basically, I wasted 3 whole hours for nothing. Yeah, I'm pretty aggravated right now, and it's pretty late at night, but I figured I should at least tell you what has been going on for those of you anticipating my next review. Now, you may be wondering: "when will you try it again?" Well, I might have some free time to do it tomorrow, but if I don't get to it then, it will have to be at least Friday when it is released. I hope to at least get to it before it ends up being a full month since my "Read It and Weep" review. But to be safe, I'm gonna hold off on doing "The Cutie Mark Chronicles" for now, and move on to the next one in line: "Wonderbolts Academy." Not trying to jinx anything, but I hope to Celestia that the same thing (or at the very least, something similar) doesn't happen twice. Otherwise, I will lose pretty much all motivation for the time being. I apologize for you guys who have been anticipating my latest review, but hey, the world's gonna give us all problems at some point.

You win this round, universe. But I won't stop trying yet! You won't kick my flank for much longer!

( Universe - 1 | EHAN - 0 )