So far season four of My Little Pony Friendship is Magic is pretty good.  I have to say in Daring Don`t Rainbow Dash was a bit out of character a tiny bit after Daring got captured, when she said;" In here" and held her heart.I don`t know if any of you feel this way but this is just my opinion. As for the first three episodes I must say that it was a good intro to the new season. As for Twilight Sparkle being a princess she certainly plays up to the part.Again some of you may not share my opinions but I really think that Twilight acted very princess-ish. I was never really a fan of Twilight I`m more of a Rainbow Dash fan. I`m kind of anxious to see the big villian for this season and if it will be somebody we already know from past seasons. Honestly, I think Discord was the best vilian so far. I simply love his character. Anyway, I have some other questions for season 4; will Rainbow Dash become a Wonderbolt?Will the CMC get their cutie marks finally? And I hope to gain more on the main six ponies backgrounds(family, history,etc). Overall I`m loving season 4. Hope al of you do too and leave comments!