And the lamb lies down on Bridleway.

Early morning Manehattan,
Ocean winds blow on the land.
The Midsummer Theatre is now undone,
The all-night Watch Ponies have had their fun.
Sleeping cheaply on the midnight show,
It's the same old ending - time to go.
Get out!
It seems they cannot leave their dream.
There's somepony moving in the sidewalk steam,
And the lamb lies down on Bridleway.

Wonderbolt flyers feel their pain.
Sugarcube Corner takes down its chain.
The Sonic Rainboom came in bursts,
Sweet Apple Acres can quench that thirst.
There are cracks on the unmade road
The cabbies eyes read 'Overload'
But out on the subway,
Rainbow Dash, the Aerosol Kid
Exits into daylight, spray-can hid,
And the lamb lies down on Bridleway.

The lamb seems right out of place,
Yet the Bridleway street scene finds a focus in its face.
Somehow it's lying there,
Brings a stillness to the air.
Though pony-made light, at night is very bright,
There's no whitewash victim,
As the neons dim, to the coat of white.
Rainbow Dash, the Aerosol Kid,
Wipes her can - she's forgotten what she did,
And the lamb lies down on Bridleway.

Rarity tired her meal all done,
Knows fashion is the be-all, end-all.
The cabbies velvet hoof sounds the horn
And the Rainboom Queen spits out her scorn.
"Rarity, please i'm not that blind!
Don't look at me! I'm not your kind.
Something inside me has just begun,
Celestia knows what I have done,"

And the lamb lies down on Bridleway.

On Bridleway-
They say the lights are always bright on Bridleway.
They say there's always magic in the air...