Hiyaas, hope ur doing well :)

So since it's summer vacation my family has decided to visit family overseas

I'm gonna be busy, so i wont have much time for chat / wiki. Im probably not going to be on for 2-3 months

But i will try to my best to visit every once in awhile, if i have time lol

Sadly, i may miss my 2 year anniversary, so if im not on... Happy 2 year anniversary to me, it has been a great 2 years getting to know you people!!!! :D

I may be on my skype if ya wanna talk to me ( skype: eidlover) ya gotta tell me who u r, b4 i add u :P

Just wanted to let y'all know. Im gonna miss everyone... Wub ya!!!*hugglez* have a greaat day :)