Ok as u all probably know, season 3 is coming out!! The creators of the show have given us really great episodes in season 2 and 1. But wat im thinking of is wats going to be in season 3? i have my own ideas that are just wat i think would be kinda cool episodes. So here they are...

Now that season 3 came out lets see how many ideas they have used. the bolded one are the ones that were in the show or kinda used

  1. The mane 6 visit a major city like Manehatten
  2. One of twilights spells went bad.
  3. More DERPY!
  4. Luna needs her own episode again(well she made an apperance)
  5. An episode where there is a new villain
  6. The CMC help somepony get his or her cutie mark
  7. An episode just about Scootaloo
  8. The royal couple returns
  9. Mayb an ep centered around Celestia
  10. Some episodes where the mane 6 lose it
  11. one of the mane 6 has a special somepony
  12. pinkie pie loses her voice and has to spend a whole day without talking. Mayb fluttershy has to help pinkie.
  13. we learn a bit more about the mane 6's past/ family
  14. Spike tries to Rarity how he feels
  15. more episodes with the less appreciated characters like Applejack


16. Learn about Zecora's past

17. An episode about 2 or more members of the mane 6 fighting

18. a spike centered ep

19. The mane 6's background stories

20. Twilight and Cadence

21. Angel bunny runs away and Fluttershy needs to find Angel

22. an earth day episode

23. an ep with vinyl scratch

24. the return of trixie

25. sweetie belle usesa little bit her horn magic

26.scootaloo tries to learn how to fly

27. applebloom gets lost

28. cloudsdale cant make weather for some reason

30. a What If ep. like Twilight didnt live in ponyvile and stayed in Canterlot

31. Shinig Armor visits Ponyville

32. Sweet Apple Acres has a problem (flooding)

33. How did the mane 5 become friends before Twilight met them

33. An ep with Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon

34. A beach vacation episode with a large body of water shown.

35. we learn a bit more about the mane 6's families (like some family memebers. ex babs )

36. More in-show cultural references, such as locals or characters inspired by Oriental/Asian, European or Pacific Islander areas. like accents

37.A "have your original pony featured on the show" contest. and the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to voice said character in an episode.

38. a ep with nice dragons

39. Parody episodes of A Christmas Carol and The Wizard of Oz

40. Pinkie reunites with Granny Pie.

41. more rainbow dash singing+ her own song

42. spike becomes a pony

43. a rarity and rainbowdash duet.

44. an ep with octavia

45. the return of discord

46. Twilight fails a test + takes a test

47. Rainbow Dash joins the wonder bolts ( well the academy)

48. The Mane Six are stranded in an isolated area with a group or family of Changelings.

49. Applejack gets her own song.+ sings

50. sea ponies mayb

51. an ep or 2 parter? with like more than 3 songs including reprise

52. we get to meet Rainbow's parents

53. send mane 6 on an adventure around Equestia. They would have to complete some important quest

54. How about an episode with a very psychotic villain who gives the ponies there greatest fears

55. An episode where background ponies takes the place of protagonists

56. have a famous person voice a character in an episode.

57. An episode where they fully explain what makes earth ponies so special and why they're not inferior to the pegasi or the unicorns.

58. a CMC ep

So these are some ideas if u have any more list them in ur comment! i will add them to the list