aka Elory Love Star

  • I live in Furquestria
  • I was born on December 14
  • I am Female
  • EloryChihuahua


    December 9, 2016 by EloryChihuahua

    I am currently new to this wikia, so I don't want bullying just because people think I'm not a chihuahua. Because I am ;). Also, my new wikia is right here: No, I don't want comments saying 'Don't advertise your wiki here.'. Because, if you don't want me to do this, then I suggest you just keep that to yourself. Also, I'm going for badges! Rank 1000 isn't very high at all. I'm just trying to get the 'high' score! I deserve a 'raise'. Climbing higher puns xD So that was my news! Comment what you thought of it! (unless that comment is about advertising my new wikia)

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