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  • Elsa loves ponies

    What  is going on with hasbro? because they copyright my favorite person who made button mash epsiodes! that's sad and that's not great.....

    Question: if hasbro copyrights the fanart would you react?

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  • Elsa loves ponies

    Rainbow Power?

    My Third Post But about the new mlp line? Rainbow Power.

    Well I Saw What They Look Like it's really cool the design! If Their Was An Episode About It Or Just Going To Stay There.

    I Was Going To Post A Pic on the rainbow power design but not letting me post it on iPad Version!

    I'll Post Later Soon! ' Question: Do You Like The Rainbow Power Line?

    Comment Bellow!

    There is Going To Be About Rainbow Rocks Movie With EG Mane 6

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  • Elsa loves ponies

    MLP: Season 4

    March 15, 2014 by Elsa loves ponies

    Well Its's Epsidoe 18 Now.... So How Far Do You Love Season 4? Well I'ts Going Great Now...

    I Have not watch the epsiodes yet because of school or saturday school...... If I Ever Catch Up To The PASS episodes.......

    Question: Should Elsa Pony Should Be IN S4? AND watch episode do you love the most from S4?

                                                                                     My Is..... Twilight Time.

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  • Elsa loves ponies

    Well hello! Welcome to my first blog post  .... and this topic is going to be about what is you opinions about the second equestria girls movie? First i had seen the trailer but it had change because twilight and her friends are going to make a band but first of all if all the bronies see the movie how would they feel? This video here if i would i saw the movie by the way this movie is coming out on FALL 2014!

    Question: What is your Opinions About Rainbow Rocks?

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