aka Ekho Lunalis

  • I live in the Kingdom of Prance
  • My occupation is chronicler and bard
  • I am a female changeling
  • Elunalis

    Hello everyone and everypony,

    I'm making a special blog post in the hope to support a petition that started circulating on April 21, 2016 to demand the continuation of Funko's Vinyl MLP collectible figurine line.

    (Note: I'm not the author of the petition and I have no connection with him, I'm just a motivated supporter).

    • Link to the petition+1600 signatures (only requires providing a valid email address; the name doesn't need to be real and comments are optional).
    • An explanatory Youtube voice blog by AquaticNeon, the creator of the petition.
    • Link to the Twitter post from the MLP Merch community blog (Hashtag: #SaveTheFunkoPonies ).

    According to AquaticNeon, the MLP collector who created the petition, the discontinuation of the line would notably b…

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