Hello everyone and everypony,

I'm making a special blog post in the hope to support a petition that started circulating on April 21, 2016 to demand the continuation of Funko's Vinyl MLP collectible figurine line.

(Note: I'm not the author of the petition and I have no connection with him, I'm just a motivated supporter).

For information

According to AquaticNeon, the MLP collector who created the petition, the discontinuation of the line would notably be due to the poor sales of the last batches of figurines (the CMCs, Maud Pie and Cheese Sandwich) and also due to the fact the main retailer of the figurines, Hot Topic, has apparently decided to stop carrying MLP merchandises (as their name implies, they tend to only carry the latest trends).

Cheese Sandwich and Maud Pie, who were first mentioned back on July 2015 and announced on October 2015, were eventually released on the second half of October 2015.
Unfortunately, Queen Chrysalis and Nightmare Moon, who were also mentioned on July 2015 and announced on October 2015, have never been heard of again (only down-scaled blind boxed "Mystery Mini" versions have been released) and, to my knowledge, no other Funko ponies have been announced ever since then (other than MLP "My Moji" figures).

Funko Queen Chrysalis regular vinyl figurine

No release date
(Mystery Mini only)

Funko Nightmare Moon black vinyl figurine

No release date
(Mystery Mini only)

Cheese Sandwich Funko vinyl figure

Last normal-size release (Oct 2015)

Maud Pie Funko vinyl figure

Last normal-size release (Oct 2015)

Formal evidences about the situation

Unfortunately, due to the commercial nature of the subject, there are currently no publicly accessible evidences about the situation other than the above-mentioned lack of news from Funko, the "vaulting" of recent figurines (end of production [1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7]), and the increasing scarcity of MLP Funko products distributed by Hot Topic.

Sethisto, the head of Equestria Daily also made this Twitter post asking Funko about the discontinuation of the figurine line but Funko hasn't replied (to my knowledge, at least).

Additionally, here are two replies from AquaticNeon to a skeptical person who questioned the lack of sources:

"Funko doesn't announce when they stop making a line. However from at least two reliable sources including a Funko pony designer confirming they are done, as well as several entering the Funko vault after only being out for a short time."
— AquaticNeon [posted in the comment section of the Youtube explanatory video]
"I had personal convos with Hot Topic on facebook, and a couple others including a designer of them, and a few other big time collectors who asked employees at the ECCC. Sorry I don't have more of a concrete link but I can assure you that its not looking good at all, plus Luna and Celestia are already vaulted on Funkos site! Plus several others.."
— AquaticNeon [posted in the comment section of the Youtube explanatory video]

Hopes for the future

According to contacts in the field, the author of the petition hopes that 2,000 signatures may be enough to obtain some form of release for the normal-sized Nightmare Moon and Queen Chrysalis and 5,000 signatures might even save the normal continuation of the MLP collectible line altogether.

Jim Miller, the current director of the show himself, has signed the petition. One of Jim Miller's comments on his official Twitter account confirms his support.

The MLP fandom has performed miracles before. So, I truly hope we can demonstrate the power of the "Magic of Friendship" this time again. Fingers and hooves crossed!

Please spread the word and support!

Thank you very much!

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