Melia: I am NOT from Xenoblade Chronicles that's a different Melia I'm a cheer pup!

Kira: as beautiful as I am I prefer applejack over rarity

Roflina: I am a gamer texting puppy, and I love rarity out of 'em all

Foxy: GAAHHH DIE! DIE! DIE! oh uhhh uhhh I'm a brony Small Signature Fox

Emma: allow me ... I am a froofroo fox but I'm actually a wolf no wait it's the other way around

Alexis: watching snow is my thing I'm nothing but a snowflake pup! wait where's the snow?

Kyodai: I am a BB (brilliant Bandit not balloon boy) and I just happen to be named after immortalkyodai [1]

Misty: I am an icy mist leopard yep that's about it