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    EmpressYzma Compares: SpongeBob to MLP FiM==

    SpongeBob Episode/Movie MLP Similarities
    The Krabby Kronicle Ponyville Confidential Have a newspaper with scandalous, false headlines, leading to trouble and uproar to ending it.
    Dunces and Dragons Dungeons and Discords Both utilize the medieval setting, and both are involved in a medieval adventure.
    The Great Snail Race May The Best Pet Win! A pet race, and the main character of the episode ends up getting karma for being a jerk to a certain pet.
    Squid Noir/The Great Patty Caper


    on the Friendship Express

    Mystery-themed episodes involving a detective-playing character and some prime suspects. 
    Can You Spare a Dime? Spike At Your Service A character is another character's maid.
    Sponge Out of Wa…

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  • EmpressYzma

    I know, I know, I did this multiple times, but I wanted to update this now that Season 7 (I watched 'em all at least :P) and the Movie are over, so fresh new ideas and fresh new characters!

    Season 8 Idea List (EmpressYzma)
    Episode Summary Release Date
    S8E01: 50 Shades of Twilight (Part 1) The Mane 6 and Starlight head to Canterlot to see Starswirl and the Legends, but their plans are halted when Chrysalis severely weakens the Mane 6 and summon massive giant beast versions of them.  March 24,    2018
    S8E02: 50 Shades of Twilight (Part 2) With Equestria under the nearly unstoppable mega-Mane 6 beasts' powerful, destructive command, Starlight is forced to look for a familiar, magenta-tinted unicorn who was the only one capable to push back Chrysa…

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  • EmpressYzma

    As the official release date for many countries, including the United States, Canada, most of Europe and other asian and south american countries is around the corner, I decided to post my review on the official songs of the movie. I'm doing this, as the songs are officially out on iTunes, so it's not like I'd be leaking anything. There may be a few minor spoilers as I describe the scenes the songs are at, but I'm not going to post any pictures (obviously) as that would be absolutely considered spoilers. Note that I'm only doing songs from 'we got this together' to 'off to see the world'. So, here we go! 

    This was a really cool, different song. I really like the Spanish-esque instruments and funk in the song (at least I feel like it is). Th…

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  • EmpressYzma

    After relentlessly searching, I found a link where I could watch it. Won't say it as I will not post illegal sites nor spoil the movie, but Im happy I finally saw it! I was just wondering if anyone here too impatient or curious about any detail of the movie can ask me any questions here! Except of course, where I saw it and if I could post the link.

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  • EmpressYzma

    These are the categories for me:








    Friendship is Magic, Part 1 - OK 

    Friendship is Magic, Part 2 - Good 

    The Ticket Master - Great

    Applebuck Season - Great

    Griffon the Brush Off - Meh

    Boast Busters - Bad

    Dragonshy - Good

    Look Before You Sleep - Great

    Bridle Gossip - Amazing

    Swarm of the Century - Great

    Winter Wrap Up - Great

    Call of the Cutie - Great

    Fall Weather Friends - Good

    Suited For Success - Amazing

    Feeling Pinkie Keen - OK

    Sonic Rainboom - Bad

    Stare Master - OK

    The Show Stoppers - Awful

    A Dog and Pony Show - Awful

    Green Isn't Your Color - OK

    Over a Barrel - Great

    A Bird in the Hoof - Meh

    The Cutie Mark Chronicles - Great

    Owl's Well That Ends Well - Bad

    Party of One - Meh

    The Best Night Ever - Amazing

    Amazing - 3

    Great - 8


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