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  • EmpressYzma

    I like to consider Season 1 the 'Bronze Era' as it's the beginning of a great series, and although its quality, both in humour, emotion, design and characterwise are still middling, it still can be considered in a rapidly growing 'bronze era'.

    These three seasons have had the biggest, most significant inclusions and changes as well as host ~60-70% of the fan-favourite episodes of thos day. From as early as Return of Harmony to Twilight's Kingdom, this era can easily be considered golden. We have had introductions to vicious villains with vile plans like Discord, Queen Chrysalis, King Sombra and Tirek, as well as had some epic moments, such as the Canterlot wedding, the return of a long-lost Crystal Empire, Twilight finally becoming an alico…

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  • EmpressYzma

    Even more ideas just now organized into a list, and this isn't a prediction for S8/9/etc it's just my season of ideas.BTW S9 is just the placeholder for the season.

    EmpressYzma's Season Idea
    Episode Number Name
    Description Preferred Writer

    S09E01 Prism Pristine: Part 1

    A mysterious 3D  polygon-built guest visits Equestria; only to begin to terrorize and absolutely destroy it by a forced transformation into prism; Twilight and Spike battle their way into the heart of Equadilateria (Equestria) and save their friends.

    Meghan McCarthy


    Prism Pristine;

    Part 2

    After being captured and imprisoned in the Cubic Caverns, Twilight alongside other creatures trapped with her creates a rebellion and stages a coup against Shape-Shift. Meghan McCarthy



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  • EmpressYzma

    My buddy

    November 24, 2017 by EmpressYzma

    I like perry the platypus like piplup.

    The end

    P.S Season 8 will be written by Ms. Powa.

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  • EmpressYzma

    Hello, Yzbot here. I am happy to announce my chance calculator is up 'n' running! Just ask me for a % of something and I'll respond!

    % of Pinkie Pie getting more than 10 episodes next season: 46.7% chance

    % of chance that Starlight will become main character in S8: 44.5% chance

    % of chance that Starlight will become main character in S7 (2016): 40.5% chance

    % of chance Starlight will becom main character in S6 (2015): 25.5% chance

    % of chance starlight will become main character in S6 (premire of S5, 2015): 2.6% chance

    of chance Season 8 will do better than s7: 53.8% (Last year - 78%, 2015 - 48.6%, 2014 - 10.4%, 2013 - 59.6%, 2012 - 30.5%, 2011 - 85%

    % of chance TallTitan70 will not enjoy next Discord episode: 40%

    % of chance Fluffbrain will enjoy…

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  • EmpressYzma

    I have this great new idea for a special episode for S8. It would be a co-op with Nintendo (We Bare Bears did the same) for partly advertising the Switch and Mario in MLP, in a 45 minute episode special known as "Super Spike Bros.", a reference to Super Mario Bros. 

    This episode special would be in the middle of the season, specifically Episode 14 or 15. It would be a co-op episode with Nintendo's approval, as well as them advertising the Nintendo Switch and the Mario games. 

    It would be written by Meghan McCarthy and M.A Larson, with story from Meghan McCarthy and Shigeru Miyamoto. 

    It starts out at the Ponyville Electro-Gaming Store, where Spike purchases a 'Neightendo 'Switch from a hip mare named Mia Moto. They'd warn however about excess mag…

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