Season 8 Premiere Idea - The Fate of Equestria (4 parter)

I just got this really complex idea for Season 8's premiere and I wanted to share it with y'all. It's surrounding Equestria and its fate overall, along with Twilight going through her own trials and tribulations along the way to save Equestria. This is a bit of a merge of some ideas, such as Chrysalis's return hinted by the Season 6 finale, along with the Russian Revolution, the Legend of Zelda; Breath of the Wild, and Super Mario Galaxy. Random, right? But the idea is pretty neat TBH. I also want it to be a 4-parter (this could mean 28 episodes for Season 8 and the 4-parter to either be split between 2 weeks or just all at once) so the story wouldn't be rushed.


Part 1: The four-parter begins at Ponyville with Twilight waking up to lots of reminders; it was her 1st anniversary since she became princess (yes, with all that happened it's pretty weird for this to be 1st anniversary, but 1st feels more important, unlike 4th or 5th.). The entire town is hosting a celebration in her honour, partly because of this and also partly because of how many times she had saved their hinds. Twilight of course is very modest and continuously says that it was no problem and they shouldn't make too big of an issue like this. She is then called to the Crystal Empire, where a party would be hosted by the Equestrian Royals and Beyond (Princesses Celestia, Luna and Cadence, Shining Armour, Princess Ember, Yak Prince, the King of Griffonstone, and so on...). Upon arriving there, she (along with Spike and Starlight) are greeted by Shining Armour and Flurry Heart. After re-introductions and all sorts, they then begin to head to the Crystal Castle, before Starlight notices something. She then walks over and sees a mysterious, black pointed thing poking out of the ground near by the train. Starlight was a bit confused at first, trying to examine what it is exactly, but is then interrupted by Twilight. She then reluctantly leaves, and unfortunately for her, it was actually King Sombra's horn. It had wedged there after his explosion and nopony had noticed until it eroded out of the ground. Nopony but Chrysalis. She had actually snuck inside as a tiny ladybug, because she had sensed dark energy coming somewhere within the Crystal Empire. She, without the viewers seeing it was her clearly, except for her hoof and lauh, yanks the horn out and flies away, with a creepy aura being released by this. The episode later on follows at the castle where the feast begins, shortly after Twilight gives a message. She sits with all the royals and delegates who arrived for this momentous occaison. After, Twilight is then once and brought up to the balcony with Celestia who then prepares for a speech. While preparing, Twilight notices a tiny red plink in the air, and at first is curoius what it is. However, when Celestia gets her attention, she ignores it. Later during their speech, it was then revealed that it was Chrysalis entering down, in her new Sombraic form (she combined with Sombra's horn to become a more vicious, dark and evil version of herself.). Shortly after, in the middle of another of Celestia's speech, disaster strikes. Later, dark red beams smash down onto the Crystal Empire, causing terror in the streets. The royals duck inside except for Twilight and Celestia who watch as the dark red beams slowly cover and absorb the ground. Slowly, building after building, the Empire is gobbled up by a dark spiritual wave of light, which then causes the empire to begin to crash and burn. Afterwards, Chrysalis re-appears, however much different than she was last seen. Her body was half-solid half-shadow, with blood-like beams slowly moving around her like an aura. Her eyes became dark red, like a spider's and her horn was sharp. She then blasted a huge beam onto the castle, causing it to shatter. Nobody was hurt, however soon after Chrysalis then orders a massive invasion down by her upgraded minions. They too were half-shadow half-Changeling, and ll swarmed away. Many were captured, many wer imprisoned and most of the royals were immediately imprisoned and turned into stone. Chrysalis then eyes at Twilight and blasts a massive wave down at her, however is stopped by Celestia jumping right into the way. It causes her to severely weaken and fall to the ground, with her magic slowly dissipating. Teared up, Twilight tries to retaliate but is tackled down by powerful Changelings, or now known as Shadowlings. She is then carried out to the side by Spike and starlight who managed to escape her wrath. They all watch in horror as Chrysalis fully transforms the Crystal Empire into her own empire, with homes turned into Shadowling nests and the sky turning blood red. The imprisoned royals and blocked off by massive walls in frnt of the castle, where Chrysalis now stands. she then begins the rounding up and enslavement of the ponies, reminiscent of Sombra. Starlight then notices Chrysalis's horn and realizes it was the same thing she saw; she then realized had she gotten it, she could've possibly prevented this attack. Embarrased and shocked by this revelation, Starlight lays low due to her shock. Twilight then creates a plan for them to escape, despit Spike's objections on saving the others. However, they soon hid after seeing guards walk through looking for other free ponies. Some of the guards were brainwashed and darkinized forms of former ponies attending the ceremony along with other Crystalites. The one that looked for the 3 was a brainwashed version of Sunburst, known as Moonburst now. Starlight was emotional and traumatized by the sight, however then some guards found them. Quickly Twilight used some of her last strength to blast them out, before another giant ray hits her horn; causing it to get blocked. Quickly, Twilight pulls Starlight and Spike into the air and pulls them out of the Crystal Empire. The barrier shatters, and the dark matter that created the new Changeling Empire begins to spread and override the frosty, cold surroundings. Twilight realized that the end was near. Chrystalis quickly then summoned many of her changelings to head to Canterlot and help continue the invasion there along with her, while she demanded some to stay here and others to spread elsewhere. Twilight and the other two  managed to escape and land at a field. Hiding down in the fields, they then watched in horror as the clear blue sky turned red and the shimmer of Canterlot slowly turned into the haunting flash of the sieged capital of Equestria. It was clear; the end was near for Equestria...

Part 2: Shortly after Twilight, Starlight and Spike escape frm the fallen Crystal Empire, they discover that Canterlot was now in ruins and under Chrysalis' control. Worried, they quickly head over to Ponyville to gather up the rest of the Mane 6 along with Trixie, which they all feared that they were in big trouble. However, soon, as they approached the border of Ponyville, Trixie ran up to them, in tattered clothes and a semi-stone tail. She then explains a large invasion occured and she barely escaped, with only being able to thanks to Discord, who quickly appears after.  Twilight then explains what happened at the beginning, before then collapsing. Starlight and Spike concernedly hold her and try to convince her to rest, however she vehemontly declines, saying that it was her responsibility to stop the attack. She, however, then winces due to her horn being severely damaged by Chrysalis. Quickly, Starlight got an idea. Along with the others, they carefully brought Twilight to her castle. Starlight then demanded and urged Twilight to rest for a while, pormising she and the others would replace her in saving Equestria. Twilight this time agrees, realizing she was powerless without her horn. Spike and Starlight then set up a resting chamber where Twiight was to be put. Starlight then got an idea, which was to get to Zecora and then along with her, get to nearby kingdoms to help get their support against the rising threat. Agreeing, they then put Trixie and Discord in charge of Twilight and guarding the castle, already starting to get attacked. Swiftly, Starlight and Spike begin their way to the forest, in an attempt to get outside help. About a week later, Twilight is woken up by Trixie and Discord who looked quite anxious. After getting out of her groggy state, she then asks where Spike and Starlight went. Neither of them knew and were anxious, as neither had replied to their letters nor had given any hint that they were alive. Twilight blamed this immediately on herself and swore that she would find them. However, Trixie and Discord then explain they barely managed to keep Twilight safe, as the Shadowlings had completely surrounded the castle and blockaded the outdoors. Twilight however then remembered a secret hole underneath the Cutie Map, which led to the Tree of Harmony. She then urged Trixie and Discord to follow but they urged to stay behind so Twilight's castle would not fall. Reluctantly, she agreed and quickly went through. Shortly after though, the Shadowlings managed to enter into the castle, and Trixie and Discord gave a slightly anxious look before charging to the Shadowlings. Fast forward a few hours later, Twilight had entered into the Castle of the Two Sisters, which was completely left alone, or so she thought. As she looked around for clues Spike and Starlight were there, she then heard a loud thump nearby. She then looked outside and was apalled to see the state of the three princesses; they all turned into their evil forms! Luna yet again turned into Nightmare Moon, Celestia into Daybreaker and Cadence into Heartbreak, with a magnificently red ponytail mane, and her tail curled up. Her eyes turned red with sharp pupils, and she wore a beautiful red gown which had the appearance of moving blood. They then began discussing which areas to keep control. Twilight tried to spy however after she accidentlly tripped, they heard her. Twilight then began a mad dash outdoors before being stopped by Daybreaker. The 3 villainous princesses then slowly surrounded Twilight, preparing to villianize her too, when a loud boom came out of nowhere. Looking behind her, Twilight saw with surprise Spike and Starlight, now wearing rebel-like clothing along with Zecora on their side and a new pony. Quickly, Zecora threw a very eery-looking potion up into the air, immediately exploding and turning into floating sparkles. This causes the 3 to hiss and fly away. Twilight then goes and hugs Spike and Starlight, happy to reunite with them. After a bit of explaining on what happened and where they went, Twilight then told them they had to go to Griffonstone, Seaquestria and finally a young kingdom known as Featherton. They then quickly snuck out of the castle and slowly headed to the coast where they'd take a boat across. Later, back at Trixie and Discord, they had managed to baracade the door to the main room of the castle, which is also the most important. As they realized their time was coming up, they then both shared sentimental and comedic truths with each other. Looking out the window one last time, they watched as many swarmed around the skies and Canterlot now just a big hot red ball, with tons of guards and blockages. Afterwards, they then lose their strength and the Shadowlings and brainwashed ponies burst in, completely destroying the castle and marking the end of Twilight's first kingdom. Back at the group, who have been secretly going through the Everfree Forest, which also had bases of the new evil empire, they notice a dark light stumble upon the same area Twilight's castle was at. Realizing the horror, Twilight looks away and tries not to shed a tear. Twilight, although traumatized and weakened by seeing her own castle and kingdom fall, realized it was not the time to cry and quickly carried on. Starlight and Spike, however, exchanged worrisome looks, fearing Twilight was bottling her emotions too much now. Zecora and the other zebra, known as Zynia, slightly taller with dark black and bright white highlights, unlike Zecora's dark gray and dirty white stripes, began to talk and discuss with Twilight on what to do. Twilight then explained they had to reach the three kingdoms before Chrysalis gains too much power and invades them as well. They then sneak through Everfree, dodging guards and other pro-Chrysalisians as well. Finally, they made it to the border, however then getting spotted by multilple Shadowling guards. Quickly, they had to make a boat and rush away while a few of them had to try to stop the Shadowlings. After a big battle, the boat was ready and they left off. The Shadowlings then quickly flew back to Canterlot, or now known as Exoskeletia. There, Chrysalis were discussing where the 3 evil princesses had to go over and protect, when the Shadowlings busted in. After explaining what happened, Chrysalis was furious. She then demanded a large army to go head eastwards, and commanding Heartbreak to also head there. Daybreaker was sent to the northern regions, while Nightmare Moon to the south. Chrysalis had plans for Twilight, and was planning to make her the ruler of the west. Later, the episode cuts a last time to the castle, where Trixie and Discord, weakened sverely and hurt, look at each other and talk about what'll happen. After a few minutes of talking, they finally were captured and were taken away seperately, with tears in both of their eyes. The 2nd part ends here with a triple screen of the castle demolished, Twilight and her friends paddling swiftly away, and Chrysalis viciously looking. 

Part 3: After making it into the centre of the Eastern Sea, Twilight and her rebel group relax at last, however Twilight herself still was stressed. After seeing her castle fall, she was worried about her and Equestria's fate, and was losing hope. Spike tried to cheer her up, but it failed. Starlight then got an idea and whispered it to Spike, who gleamed. They then whispered it to Zecora and Zynia who nodded enthusiastically. Twilight questioned them and why they were all so happy. Starlight then went up to her and then began giving her some powerful pep talking, encouraging her to be more strong and less sensitive, and to keep her face up in each situation. After this, Twilight began to calm down and even smile, becoming quite a bit more determined. After this, she then quickly pointed away the path for them. However, she was being watched. Chrysalis then was infuriated, but swiftly got an idea. She then sent out the now brainwashed representative of Griffonstone, Gilda after them.