My Personal Review  of Season 7

Recently I've seen lots of other people do this kind of thing, and I want to also do something like this., as it seems pretty cool. This post is just for my review of all the episodes of Season 7, not going to rank them in any order as that's already been done by others and I'm feeling lazy.

Ranking from 0 to 100, + 1 being if it is extra-special


Celestial Advice - 100

All Bottled Up - 90

A Flurry of Emotions - 95

Rock Solid Friendship - 84

Fluttershy Leans In - 75

Forever Filly - 100

Parental Glideance - 100

Hard to Say Anything65

Honest Apple - 94

A Royal Problem - 100

Not Asking for Trouble - 78

Discordant Harmony100

The Perfect Pear100 + 1

Fame and Misfortune -

Triple Threat -

Campfire Tales

Daring Done

A Health of Information -

To Change a Changeling -

It Isn't the Mane Thing About You -

Once Upon a Zeppelin -

Marks and Recreation -

Secrets and Pies -