EmpressYzma's Personal Ideas for a Season 8 Episode list

Hi everyone! I decided to make my own personal idea list of what all 26 episodes of S8 should be, or what I'm hoping!

Season 8

S08E01 - Aquavia's Rainy Regime (Part 1/2) 

The Mane 6 are all enjoying a wonderful vacation at the Pony Cove, when Twilight accidentally spills a mysterious bottle's liquid into the sea. She would soon regret this decision after the monster it creates...

S08E02 - Aquavia's Rainy Regime (Part 2/2)

With Equestria under her aquatic autocracy, it's up to the exiled Twilight, Zecora and and all new character to help find the Evaporation Wand to destroy Aquavia and restore peace to Equestria.

S08E03 - Hot Air Baboons

The CMC and Spike go on an air balloon accident!

S08E04 - Chez Applejack's

Applejack decides to open up her very own apple-themed restaurant, when Rarity comes into the picture.

S08E05 - Fluttershy's Grotto

After discovering a wonderful secret spa, Fluttershy tries to hide her spot away from everyone in order to protect the butterflies living there.

S08E06 - Sir Spike, of the Spiky Table

Spike dreams about him being a knight in Yee Olde Medievale Equestria.

S08E07 - Painbow Dash

Rainbow Dash, hoping to improve her flying and speed, decides to join Miss Horseshoe's Super Exilerating Flight Training Camp, without knowing how painful it would be.

S08E08 - Pinkie Power

Pinkie Pie discovers that her bouncy, hyper self can create energy. Unfortunately, her discovery is taken for granted by the citizens of Ponyville.

S08E09 - Such a Dolphin

Sapphire Shores, scared of losing her popularity, asks for Rarity's help on "turning up the dolphin factor". Soon, however, Sapphire Shores would learn too much of something can sometimes be a bore.

S08E10 - Cheerilee's New Groove

Cheerilee, after noticing her getting completely cramped up by her teaching, decides to call in a substitute teacher for the week, none other than....YZMA! (This episode would be an Emperor's New School crossover) S08E11 - Twilopolis

Twilight is finally given her own official kingdom; the recently destroyed land of Zebrinia! However, she soon learns about some deep secrets for why it collapsed in the first place...

S08E12 - Grammy Smith, Lover of Trees

Granny Smith, after listening to a wise grandmother pony, decides to become the tree whisperer. Unfortunately, she ends up insulting the trees and causes a deadly apple shortage. It's up to her to save Ponyville!

S08E13 - Another Pinkie Problem

Pinkie Pie learns shocking news; a clone of hers from the S3 episode had escaped, and created her own company in Manehattan! However, things get worse when Pinkie clone begins to mess up Pinkie Pie's own life, due to them looking the exact same.

Here, there'll be about a 5 week hiatus between the two parts.

S08E14 - Agent Sparkle

Twilight Sparkle is given a secret mission by the map; to help the Undercover Pony Group retrieve the information on Pinkie Pie!

S08E15 - Planet of the Shapes

While practicing for the 15th Ponyvillan Magic Competition, Starlight accidentally combines many spells, transforming Ponyville into a wonderland of 2D and 3D shapes, and has to restore it before the shapes cause more than dimensional rifts!

S08E16 - Electrical Scootaloo

Scootaloo, while practicing her scooter tricks in the midst of a storm, gets electrically charged after being shocked by a mildly strong lightning bolt, giving her extraordinary electrical powers. However, could her powers be more dangerous than she thinks?

S08E17 - Around Equestria in 20 Minutes

Pinkie Pie decides to break the record of "most visited places of Equestria", by challenging herself for going around in less than half an hour!

S08E18 - Giving The Boot-ique

Rarity has a hard time when she finds out she needs to get rid of either Miss Pommel or Sassy Saddles when her boutiques are economically threatened.

S08E19 - My Big Filly

Sweetie Belle tries to go back to her old days of being a young filly after learning about the dangers of marehood.

S08E20 - The Pumpkinite Parasite

It's Nightmare Night! The ponies are outside and getting some treats, and enjoying the spooky holiday once more. However, when a spooky pumpkin-transforming virus spreads out, it's up to the Mane 6 to save Nightmare Night, and stop the virus!

S08E21 - The Sparkles

Twilight and her family all decide to go out on a leisurely picnic, before it becomes a hectic hereditary mess! The episode is based off a very popular average family who go on crazy adventure-filled quests.

S08E22 - The Collapse of an Aerial Empire

Rainbow Dash while going through some old Wonderbolts files as part of her duty accidentally stumbles upon very scandalous documents that threaten the Wonderbolts, her own career and her own dream. Worried about everything she loved and knew crumble, Rainbow Dash keeps it a secret, however finds it harder and harder as she gets repeatedly reminded.

S08E23 - Celestial Disharmony

Discord and Celestia decide to spend some time with each other, but their clashing personalities and ideologies end up causing an unintended disaster.

S08E24 - Dragonian Measures

Spike is called to the Dragon Valley and learns that Ember has turned the fragile republic into a harsh autocratic empire, and has to save Ember from the corruptive powers.

S08E25 - The Destructive Dimension, Part 1 (1/2)

The fate of Equestria is placed into Twilight and Discord's hands after multiple dimensional rifts and travelling leads to the opening of the Destructive Dimension.

S08E26 - The Destructive Dimension, Part 2 (2/2)

With most of Equestria under destructive doom, Twilight and Discord must combine the elements of Harmony from the Tree under the Castle with Discord to create a new power; Peaceful Disharmony.