Even though the brony community is generally a positive, friendly, tolerant fandom, more often than not, I've come across some bad apples, largely when I used to have an account (now defunct) on Derpibooru, a My Little Pony-themed art-sharing website and forum. A fair bit of the material I came across there came off to me as cynical, mean-spirited, even prejudiced and hateful. This included, but was not limited to: calling unicorns "Jewnicorns" because they're generally seen as wealthy/upper-class in Equestria; getting a kick out of seeing characters abused for no apparent reason, or calling them vulgar names (one person even called Fluttershy a "worthless bag of autistic crap"); and even an OC named Aryanne, a white pony with a blonde mane and tail, blue eyes, and a swastika in the middle of a heart for a cutie mark. I eventually got sick and tired of coming across all this negative, hateful artwork and language; but when I voiced my disgust against it, other users just scoffed and said I had no sense of humor, and that the brony community's message of "love and tolerance" is a sham.

I now no longer use Derpibooru; but I can't help but wonder if these mean-spirited fringe bronies are more mainstream in the fandom than I realize, and if "love and tolerance" is just a sham. What do you think?