Enigmatic Brony

aka Awesome One

  • I live in Queensland
  • My occupation is Brony Musician, Rapper and DJ
  • I am Male
  • Enigmatic Brony

    Enigmatic Brony is 22 yrs. old, at the age of six Enigmatc’s parents were murdered by a merciless demon of an unknown origin, causing Enigmatic to live on the streets of Hoofsville. Growing up on the streets of Hoofsvile was hard for any young pony, for years he spent his life fend against other young fills and colts. At the age of 13, Enigmatic turned to a life of crime in order to survive. He was taught how to be a thief at a young age form a fellow filly named Sapphire… she was his only friend growing up in the slums of Hoofsville, they grew very close over the years as the spent each moment together…They grew to be like Family.

    At the Age of 15, Enigmatic began a life of music creating music of all genres using a mixing board he foun…

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  • Enigmatic Brony

    Season Three

    September 14, 2012 by Enigmatic Brony

    I'm just wondering what you all think may happen in Season 3 of FiM :D

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  • Enigmatic Brony

    An OC

    September 13, 2012 by Enigmatic Brony

    I was wondering if possible anyone new a way to create a vector of an OC cause I currently need one for a cover art of my song

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