Enigmatic Brony is 22 yrs. old, at the age of six Enigmatc’s parents were murdered by a merciless demon of an unknown origin, causing Enigmatic to live on the streets of Hoofsville. Growing up on the streets of Hoofsvile was hard for any young pony, for years he spent his life fend against other young fills and colts.

FANMADE Enigmatic Brony with sunglasses

MY OC Enigmatic Brony

At the age of 13, Enigmatic turned to a life of crime in order to survive. He was taught how to be a thief at a young age form a fellow filly named Sapphire… she was his only friend growing up in the slums of Hoofsville, they grew very close over the years as the spent each moment together…They grew to be like Family.

At the Age of 15, Enigmatic began a life of music creating music of all genres using a mixing board he found lying around in the trash (just happened to work) as he practiced with the Mixing board he began to develop his skills and finally became good enough that he would perform for small crowds of out casted ponies in the slums of Hoofsville.

FANMADE Enigmatic Brony without sunglasses

My OC Without Glasses

When Enigmatic turned 18, Sapphire and him grew even closer and began to grow to love one another even life was hard enough for them both. As they were raiding a nearby house that no pony would dare to raid, the unexpected appearance of the demon that killed his family appeared right before their eyes, killing his best friend with no means of killing Enigmatic bust instead thoughs he held close to him. Enigmatic tried as hard as he could to save Sapphire but it was to no avail. Sapphire was brutally murdered before his eyes as the demon toyed with him before finally finishing her off.

FANMADE Enigmatic Brony District 5

Fan art of Enigmatic Brony by Firestreak

The demon then turned on Enigmatic to final end his pain, but through Enigmatic’s pain and Rage he was able to fend off the demon and escape with his life.

When Enigmatic finally turned 20, Enigmatic snuck into a nearby club to see people from around the world perform their musical talents to famous musicians. Enigmatic Brony was caught by a security guard that noticed him sitting above the left side of the stage. As the Guard chased Enigmatic around stage, Enigmatic was able to get a few quick words in that were over heard by the legendary Vinyl Scratch. Thus allowing Enigmatic to preform live in front of 1000’s of ponies to see if he had the necessary skills required. After his performance the crowd cheered but the judges weren’t impressed except Vinyl Scratch.

After Enigmatic Brony began leaving the club, he was approached by Vinyl Scratch to be her apprentice and she would teach him everything she knew about being a DJ and the skills required to make them. Seeing that it was a opportunity to finally leave Hoofsville, Enigmatic accepted and began studying under Vinyl Scratch.

At the Age of 22, he finally developed his magic and devoted a lot of time to hunting the demon that killed those closest to him.

FANMADE Enigmatic Brony's Cutie Mark

My Cutie Mark

Enigmatic Brony's Cutie Martk is a Tribal Design of a Music Note that he got when performing his music in front of all the ponies at the club