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  • EpicLuna

    The Dazzlings theory

    July 28, 2014 by EpicLuna

    Hello Luna here! I have a theory to talk about about the Dazzlings.

    So did anybody notice the red necklaces? Well if you see closeley there is magic and it is possibly making everybody argue. So now here is my theory about the Dazzlings. They are secretly creatures that feed off of music and battles so the necklaces help them with their troubles.

    COmment on what you think the Dazzlings are and if you agree about anything here.

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  • EpicLuna

    As yoyu may have noticed, I have not been on this wiki lately. That is because I have bene on the total drama wiki. I may possibly leave this wiki because of it. I have been having a great tijme on that wiki. If I do leave, I will miss most of you.

    Edit: I have decided that *sob *sob I *sob will leave. I have enjoyed my time her and it has been fun but I can't stay any longer.

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  • EpicLuna

    The title says it all. You can rate with decimals the maximum amount out of ten. And do /10

    Have fun.

    And rate me.

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  • EpicLuna

    Ask Luna blog 2

    June 17, 2014 by EpicLuna

    I know I have done this before so I don't mind making another one.

    Ask me anything you want in the comments below and I will answer!

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  • EpicLuna

    Well the title says it all. I will give a example just in case. The new user name should make sense with either the below user's personality or what that person is interested with or hates. And always start the sentence with 'You are now (insert new username)'.


    User 1: Posts.

    User 2: You are now book lover.

    User 3: You are now blog crazy boy.

    Now let's start.

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