Remember this I decided to create one of my own

January: You and X have a surprise party for Y.

February: You and Y go the movies and X joins you.

March: X and Y go on a adventure while You try to stop them. 

April: X acts as a easter bunny and Y and You try to catch them.

May: You turn into a vampire bat pony and X and Y try to turn you back to normal.

June: You and X are in a play while Y watches.

July: X breaks her neck and You and Y help her.

August: You and Y travel in time and X tries to bring you back to the present.

September: X  and Y goes in a alternate universe and You try to bing them back while somepony is trying to destroy you.

October: X has a halloween party and You and Y try to secretly sneak into the party. 

November: You discover your opposite self while X and Y trys to bring the opposite self back into the mirrored world.

December: X dresses as santa and gives presents to You and Y.


Monday: Diamond Tiara

Tuesday: The Diamond Dogs

Whensday: Mane-iac

Thursday: King Sombra

Friday: Sunset Shimmer

Saturday: Cheese Sandwich

Sunday: Ahuizotl


1: Spitfire 2: Trenderhoof 3: Silver Shill 4: Seabreeze 5: Bon Bon 6: Derpy Hooves 7: Apple Bloom 8: Sapphire Shores

9: Doctor Whooves 10: Mr Cake 11: Maud Pie 12: Goldie Delicous 13: Photo Finish 14: Star Swirl the Bearded 15: Snips 16: Cherry Jubilee

17: Cherilee 18: Spike 19: Spike 20: Fluttershy 21: Vinyl Scratch 22:Cadence 23: Celestia 24: Rainbow Dash

25: Applejack 26: Trenderhoof 27: Lyra 28: Soarin 29: Coco Pommell 30: Scottaloo 31: Twilight Sparkle