I will tell something about some ponies cutie marks.


Her cutie mark represents that she is good at the lyre.


Ya, Im doing this. Remember when Discord was a pony? Well when you saw him, you saw his cutie mark. I realized that it represented that he was often blown away by his enemies or defeated as seen in Twilight's Kingdom - Part 2.


To be discovered.

Apple Family

Each of their cutie Marks represent that they are making that kind of apple product.

Pinkie Pie

The balloons represents that she loves to laugh and hardly ever has a bad mood. And also that she loves to have parties.


The butterflies represent that she gets easily scared and is shy but loves her friends as seen in Keep Calm and Flutter On

Rainbow Dash

To be discovered.

Twilight Sparkle

The big star represents the Elements of Harmony and each of the little stars represents one of the elements of harmony.

Shining Armor

The shield represents that he shields his friends, family and possibly strangers from harm as seen in Twilight's Kingdom - Part 1.


To be discovered.


Her cutie mark means that she loves to be outside in the morning and that she rises down the sun.


Her cutie mark means that she loves to be outside at night and that she rises down the moon.

My ponysona/Read An' Write

My ponysona's cutie mark is a book and a pencil. The book represents that I love to read and the pencil represents that I am a  good writer.

Cutie Mark represention

What does your oc's cutie mark represent about you. Tell in the comments below.