First letter of your name

A. Parachute B.Cake C.Tub D.Pool E.Nightmare F.Barbecue G.Cement H.Carpet I.Spirit J.Crazy K.Cat L.Electric M.Glass N.Bean O.Spirit O.Scale P.Time Q.Frog R.Spider S.Robot T.Snake U.Hero V.Jacket W.Vampire X.Mirror Y.Janitor Z.Scissors

Last Letter of your name

A. Pie B.Pot C.Waterfall D. Cider E. Spike F. Cookie G.Mat H.Bloom I.Sparkle J.Peacock K.Fairy L. Parrot M.Time N.Dog O.Water P.Bear Q. Flash R.Dolphin S.Fire T.Hat U.Tear V.Frie W.Pear X.Jade Y. Pen Z. Year

My pony name is glass parrot