How to play

In this game you have to rate certains characters in mlp fim. In this one you get to rate villains (yay). The ratings and how many points each rating is worth is on the bottom. I will give an example and my rating below the villains section. The example and my ratings are the exact thing in this case. My ratings will be in tommorrow but example i will have the whole time. The list of villains will be under this and there will also be a section that says when you can not rate anymore. When the game is over, I will be counting the scores, and see which villain is the most loved in this whole community. When i am done seeing who won, I will say who won on the bottom.


Here is a list of the villains.



Dr Caballeron

Flim and Flam


Lord Tirek


Nightmare Moon

Queen Chrysalis

Sunset Shimmer

Suri Polomare


Example and my rating

Ahuizotl = Bad

Discord = Excellent

Dr Caballeron = Stupid

Flim and Flam = Awesome

Gilda = Bad

Lord Tirek = Awesome

Mane-iac = Stupid

Nightmare Moon = Ok

Queen Chrysalis = Awesome

Sunset Shimmer = Good

Suri Polomare = Stupid

Trixie = Excellent

When you have to stop rating

You will have to stop ratings at 6/15/2014 7:06 pm.

Ratings and their amounts

Stupid = 1

Bad = 2

Okay = 3

Good = 4

Excellent = 5

Awesome = 6