I will try to finsih the full story by next week. Hope you like my story. Pls tell me your opinion on this part.

One day a 16 year old mare named Sweet Heart who had no cutie mark was walking with her friend to school who she secretly liked called Blaze. While they were walking Blaze asked her if she was gonna to try out for soccer this time. She said she was going to this time and decided to have with a contest with Blaze to see who could get there first without wings or magic. Though when the contest started Blaze used his magic to just teleport to school. After Blaze teleported Sweet Heart used her wings to get to her locker. When Sweet Heart got to her locker , she accidently fell and everybody laughed at her. She cried and flew to the forest. When she was in the forest she saw a tree that looked weird and had weird looking berries on it. Unkown to her the tree was a rare tree that could dissappear and appear at will called the disharmony tree and the berry was called a disharmony berry which could change your form and make you evil if you ate one and the tree also had powers which if you saw one you would eat one of the berries. When she ate one of berries something happened.