Her wings and eyes started to look like they were part of a fly. Her body grew and she looked like she was Celestia and her hair explanded and turned greenish-blue along with her wings and tail. She also gained a horn that had holes in it along with her legs. When she was done transforming she was the queen of changelings, Queen Chrysalis. Crysalis knew she had evil powers and knew she shouldn't have ate one of the berries but she knew she would never be able to turn back. Blaze also was looking for her when he found her. Chrysalis said "I dont want to do this, but I have to. A tear fell out of her eye as she absorbed Blaze's love for Sweet Heart who was now Queen Chrysalis and also made him forget about what happened that day. While she was flying she decided to make a new creature called a changeling which absorbed love from ponies.