What do you want to see in season 5? This is what i want to see:

1. I want to see a new place mentioned or seen. It could be Neigh Jersey, Mane. i just want anything that would be probbably be awesome for one of the 2. Maybe a episode where the mane 6 try to find a cryptid and take a picture to prove it's existence.

2. The past of Luna and Celestia. Who doesn't want to see that.

3. Mane 6 pony type switch. I just want to see this.

4. More creatures. Again who doesn't want to see more.

5. More Princesses. I just do but mainly because i like them mostly Luna. I have a princess oc called Aurora(i know she sounds like the princess from sleeeping beauty). She has a aurora colored mane and tail and a auroura cutie mark and a green body.