Telll me your pony name ye'all.

First Letter of your name

A= Apple B= Blazing C= Celestia  D= Daring E= Eternal F= Feather G= Golden H= Hazy I= Indigo J= Jade K= Krazed L= Luna M= Mayor N= Nighmare O= Opal P= Pinkie Q=Quaking R= Rarity S= Silver T= Trenderhoof U= Universal V= Vinyl W= Windy X= Awesome Y= Yearly Z= Zecora

Last Letter of your name

A= Ace B= Bloom C= Crystal D= Dash E= Esclipse  F= Finish  G= Glass H=Heartstrings I= Ice J= Jump K= Kerabatsos L= Landermare M= McIntosh N= Nightwatch O= Orion  P= Pommel Q= Quill R= Ray S= Sparkle T= Toity U= Uni-cycle  V= Vision W= Weight X= choose Y= Yearling Z= Zip