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    Hi! I don't know if you've seen the Epic Pony Battles of History, but I posted them here so you could watch them and decide who won!

    Celestia vs. Luna

    Discord vs. Chrysalis

    Rainbow Dash vs. Fluttershy

    Pinkie Pie vs. Twilight

    Rarity vs. Applejack

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  • EpicLuna123

    Theory time!

    July 29, 2013 by EpicLuna123

    Post your theories here! Mainly theories about evil Luna and the Star Swirl era, please.

    Evil Luna theory:

    Actually I have no idea. Could be a nightmare, a spell, time travel, flashback, imagination...

    Or she's really turning evil again. If she does, I just hope they don't kill her or banish her permanently in the moon.

    That would be awful...

    Star Swirl - Very magically talented male unicorn who specializes in time spells. He grew a long white beard as a senior, which is when he got the cape and hat, because people really started to notice him and call him "Star Swirl the Bearded".  He grew close (Not that kind of close) to a young, talented female unicorn called Clover Clever, who he eventually took as an apprentice.

    What I imagine him to look …

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  • EpicLuna123

    NOTICE: I thought I would spruce up my blog a bit, to make it more professional sounding, seeing as Guildmaster has a signed letter from his OC on the Solar Empire enlistment, LOL.

    You are all being lied to...

    Celestia is no Princess. She is a tyrant.

    For countless eons, she has ruled over us. All of Equestria bows to her slightest whim. She rules over us, forcing us all into blind servitude.

    But change is coming.

    Princess Luna, the true ruler of Equestria! She wil lead us into a glorious new era, but it is we who must make the first move. We must resist. We must fight! There will be war...But in the end, it is us who will be victorious.

    Will you stand with us, or will you run crying to your precious princess, to bask in the warm sunshine? If yo…

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  • EpicLuna123

    Hi. I made this blog for people to discuss all the different generations of My Little Pony.

    I've heard some people say they love all the generations, and others say it was rotten disgusting childish garbage...Literally.

    1. Obey all the rules

    2. Don't be openly rude to someone just because you have conflicting opinions. Seriously. DON'T.

    3. No foul language, including the D word and a male deer in place of the F word, or anything else of the sort.

    G1 - Hmm...It can be very enjoyable at times, but it's mostly pretty stupid. None of the songs are very catchy at all, and most of them are ridiculous. Like when Meghan sang "Imagine You Were Friends" about the Stonebacks and the Furbobs, and the Sun Song...Don't even get me started on how much I hate …

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  • EpicLuna123

    In a short story form...I just made most of this up. Enjoy!

    Twilight took a deep breath. This was it. She was going to do it.

    What was she going to do, you ask? Well as a matter of fact, Twilight had recently managed to rewrite Star Swirl the Bearded's temporary time travel spell, and altered it to where the magic would last as long as you wanted it to. Her mentor Princess Celestia had suggested she hold open court so everypony attending would see this magnificent new spell in action. Twilight had nervously agreed, and now, a week later, it was time.

    The violet Alicorn tried to push down the anxiety twisting in her gut. What if she failed? What if the spell went wrong and ended up hurting her? What if she couldn't get back? What if--

    "Are you …

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