1. Why are there so many homosexual matches? Seriously, ever since I've joined I have not seen talk of a single straight match. :-\

2. Why do some of you you blab about love and tolerance and then complain about something you don't like with the show, ridiculing others for thinking the opposite of your opinion? (Though I do know some nicer people on this)

3. Why do you all hate Celestia so much?

4. Why do most of you hate Twilicorn so much and think she will under go a total personality change and abandon her friends?

5. Why does Hasbro (Oh I'm sorry, Ca$hbro) get all the blame for everything wrong with the show?

6. Why is Meghan McCarthy all of a sudden hated just for two failed villains (Sombra and Sunset Shimmer) when before she was like an awesome writer who always put Hasbro in their place?

7. And what about Meriwether Williams? What did she do wrong?

8. Before anons were banned, why did you all hate them so much and think they were inmature idiots? (Excusing the burping Twilight anon. Even I was getting irritated...Then they all got banned...)