Hi. I made this blog for people to discuss all the different generations of My Little Pony.

I've heard some people say they love all the generations, and others say it was rotten disgusting childish garbage...Literally.


1. Obey all the rules

2. Don't be openly rude to someone just because you have conflicting opinions. Seriously. DON'T.

3. No foul language, including the D word and a male deer in place of the F word, or anything else of the sort.

My opinions

G1 - Hmm...It can be very enjoyable at times, but it's mostly pretty stupid. None of the songs are very catchy at all, and most of them are ridiculous. Like when Meghan sang "Imagine You Were Friends" about the Stonebacks and the Furbobs, and the Sun Song...Don't even get me started on how much I hate that thing.

And then there's "There's a Prince in Your Future Somewhere". Imagine if Twilight or Pinkie had sung that to Rarity when she was dreaming of Prince Blueblood in The Ticket Master. XD

None of the plotlines really make sense, none of the villains have backstories or explanations of any kind...

But like I said before, some of them, like Rescue at Midnight Castle, and the Glass Princess were quite enjoyable, even if they don't make sense. :)

G2 - Something is starting, right now! Something is starting, oh wow! My Little Pony, My Little Pony, My Little Pony Tales!

Well, I can fairly say that I like G2 very much. It has better plotlines and scriptwriting than G1, which makes it 20% cooler in 10 seconds flat! Wait...what?

There are some cons, though. Sometimes there are songs that are kind of pointless and babyish, some of the ponies' color schemes make so sense, and their cutie marks-er, symbols don't reflect their talents at all. For instance, the tough-talking athlete Teddy: His mark...Is a comb. I don't get it...

Though some are better. Melody's, Sweetheart's, Bon Bon's...

Yeah...It varies.

And some of them are a lot more babyish than others.

And another pro: Slightly better animation than G1.

I can't quite think of another pro or con at the moment, but I'm sure I'll update this later.

G3 - First things first: I am very confused about G3. In Princess Promenade, The Runaway Rainbow, and Friends Are Never Far Away, there's lots of different cities and pony types. In Runaway Rainbow several different kingdoms of Equest-Ponyland, were mentioned by Spike.

SLIGHT PROBLEM: Gotta go catch some Zzzzz. Update later, sorry!