NOTICE: I thought I would spruce up my blog a bit, to make it more professional sounding, seeing as Guildmaster has a signed letter from his OC on the Solar Empire enlistment, LOL.

You are all being lied to...

Celestia is no Princess. She is a tyrant.

For countless eons, she has ruled over us. All of Equestria bows to her slightest whim. She rules over us, forcing us all into blind servitude.

But change is coming.

Princess Luna, the true ruler of Equestria! She wil lead us into a glorious new era, but it is we who must make the first move. We must resist. We must fight! There will be war...But in the end, it is us who will be victorious.

Will you stand with us, or will you run crying to your precious princess, to bask in the warm sunshine? If you do, you'd better not take it for granted, because it won't be there much longer.

Glory to the Night Eternal! (Don't worry, we're gonna use magic to make Equestria a paradise able to survive without the sun)

Lunar Republic members:

EpicLuna123 (Leader)

Bluelighting (Second-in-Command)


Admiral Nitsua Xepher "Lightning Dust" of Equestria








Sunset Shimmer192


Jar teh marksman


The Toxic





Fluttershudder pegasister


Princess ShootingStar


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Actually, anyone is automatically accepted by just saying you want to be in. So...Join today! Luna needs us!

FANMADE New Lunar Empire

Yea, our own symbol! :D

Important updates

1. The Crystal Empire has broken their alliance with us to reinstate their "position of neutrality".

2. Luna's dead. You know why? Because you didn't heal her. We could've beaten all of em' in a week if you'd stuck to your task. And now we must suffer ultimate humiliation. Look at that wimpy, stuck-up princess with ponytails in her hair. Luna's stronger and more beautiful than Celestia could ever dream to be, and now all of Equestria's stuck with Celestia. Hmph, like those sun-loving foals ever gave a hoot about Luna anyway. (I meant no offense to any of my members. Just saying it how I see it)

3. Discord is our next backup when if the CMC die. Keep hurting Celestia as well. After Discord it's Fluttershy. Don't ask why, though. :-\

FANMADE Channel The Light Of Equestria

Celestia took the time to pretty up her sparkly hair when there's a war going on. What kind of princess is that?