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So, let's begin.

Review of each Alicorn

When they're working together, Celestia and Luna create a mystical, lasting bond that is harmony and balance. Think of the Yin-Yang symbol. Yin represents shadow, darkness, passiveness, nighttime, and cool stuff like that. So Luna is obviously Yin. Yang represents light, heat, activeness, the sun...You know.

And Yang has a bit of Yin, and Yin has a bit of Yang. Hence, the black spot in Yang and the white spot in Yin. And one cannot exist without the other. I'd really like to know how Celestia managed with no Yin/Luna. I guess since she was controlling both sun and moon...? So apparently Yang can physically manage without Yin.

Well that was stupid.


I like to think they were born as Unicorns. Their talents were controlling the sun and moon with their magic. Then Discord came to Equestria and took over, ruling the land in eternal chaos, the very opposite of the thing Celestia and Luna worked so hard to build. They created/discovered (?) the Elements of Harmony and imprisoned poor old Discord in stone for all eternity, earning their wings and age immunity. "Fluttershy yay"

From the start, Celestia got all the admiration and attention. The limelight made her a bit too full of herself, and she forgot all about her little sister who originally meant more to her than anything. Poor wittle Woona was left all alone, ignored, forgotten, unnapreciated, unnoticed, and unloved. :'(

All Luna ever wanted was for her beautiful nighttime to be loved as much as the day. But it didn't happen and seemed like it never would happen. On top of that, her sister was never there for her to support her or stand up for her or reassure her.

Eventually she reached her breaking point and tried to do something she would eternally regret: Make the nighttime last forever. Celestia realized how blind she had been, but knew that no matter how much she loved her sister, there was no other way to save her (And Equestria). So she somehow weilded the Elements of Harmony by herself and banished Nightmare Moon (The wicked mare her sister had become) to the moon (The place she loved the most) for 1,000 years, granting responsibility of the moon to herself.

I like to believe that the only thing NM knew about what just happened was that somehow Celestia had used the Elements by herself and sealed her in the moon, not knowing (Or caring) how long.

So yeah, I'm suggesting she did not know how long she would be there. For 1,000 years NM practiced her magic, knowing that it was pointless to hope that one day she could become more powerful than the Elements and break the spell herself, but still thought that if she was ever set free she would be more powerful than ever before.

When the spell was finally broken and NM was eventually redeemed, all the power she had gained, along with her phsyical corrupted form was peeled away and reduced to smoking shreds. That's why she looked so small and normal when she was first reborn. Better explanation in the second section of this thread.

Now let's switch to the Crystal Princess: 

Cadance was found in a faraway forest by Earth Ponies as an abandoned Pegasus foal. They took her in and raised her.

Her talent was skipping around and blabbing about love and tolerance (As you can see I don't really like her. I know tolerance is important in some cases, but it can very easily be overdone. Though I do love Cadance's color scheme). One day an evil enchantress (Who does evil dances. And if you look into her eye she will put you in trances...) called Prismia came to town. She leeched all the love from the ponies' homes (She wore the Cosmic Spectrum, a magically infused necklace that will amplify positive or negative feelings. If the person is happy and optimistic, they are constantly wrapped in love and protection. Imagine how much power Pinkie Pie would have if she wore that necklace)  hoping to capture some for herself (She sounds like a changling). Cadance came to her and somehow convinced her to take the necklace off. Prismia changed her "horrible ways" and, I suppose, gave the necklace to Cadance, who put it on and was transported to to the Dreamscape, where she met Celestia who, after looking at her cutie mark and hearing her story, realized her destiny must be to lead the Crystal Empire if it ever came back. So bada-bing, bada-boom, Trollestia strikes and now Cadance has a horn along with wings. She went to Canterlot Castle, watched over Celestia's younger students, married a handsome royal guard, and lived happily ever after. Then there was the Changling invasion, and then immediately after that the Empire returned, and Cadance was able to discover for herself her true destiny.

The End (Of Cadance's story) 


Loved by few and hated by most, Twilight Sparkle is the newest Alicorn...The Princess of...(Drumroll please) Friendship.

Bearer of the Element of Magic (of friendship) and Defender of Equestria, she's one pretty special pony. Her destiny...I assume to teach and learn the magic of friendship her whole life long, giving it to others and finding it herself.

I understand all the hate she's gotten. Because everyone thinks she will

(A. Move back to Canterlot

(B. Outlive her friends

(C. The writers will totally change her personality and make her a high and mighty princess

None of that is true. That's confirmed.

So drop it. Now. Please.

Now let's get to my theories on the actual species

I like to believe that Alicorns are never born, but made. And anyone has the potential to be an Alicorn. Heck, even Berry Punch! You just need to be knowledgable and understanding of the power of harmony (And Love...And Friendship).

I also like to believe that Alicorns' physical bodies change with the more magical ability they have. Therefore, Celestia has the most power, which gives her arguably awe-some height, cool, realistic-looking wings, and the magical, flowing, sparkling hair.

Luna is next in line, with the magical hair but no cool wings or height.

Then Cadance...She has the more slender, slightly taller body design but no magic hair or cool wings.

Then Twilight. She's got nothing but wings and a strangely longer neck (Even though her talent is magic, I think that means she has access to any spell whatsoever, but does not automatically have the power to do them. So that still puts her on the lowest level of Alicornhood).

But I'm stuck on Nightmare Moon. It would be weird for Nightmare to have Luna's design but still be Nightmare Moon. I've never seen any fanfic, fanart, or theory that says that. So...This is weird.

But I hope you enjoyed it! Please comment below. :)

And no foul language please... ;)

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