Post your theories here! Mainly theories about evil Luna and the Star Swirl era, please.

Evil Luna theory:

Actually I have no idea. Could be a nightmare, a spell, time travel, flashback, imagination...

Or she's really turning evil again. If she does, I just hope they don't kill her or banish her permanently in the moon.

That would be awful...

Star Swirl the Bearded era

Star Swirl - Very magically talented male unicorn who specializes in time spells. He grew a long white beard as a senior, which is when he got the cape and hat, because people really started to notice him and call him "Star Swirl the Bearded".  He grew close (Not that kind of close) to a young, talented female unicorn called Clover Clever, who he eventually took as an apprentice.

What I imagine him to look like: A coat color similar to Trixie's, yellow eyes, silver and white hair, and yellow magic. Not sure whether he would have a special design like Shining, Blue Blood, and Fancypants, or just the standard stallion design.

Cutie Mark: The mark on the book shown in The Crystal Empire part 2 and Magical Mystery Cure.

And he has a younger brother called...(Drumroll please)...Sombra. Yeah, you heard me!

Sombra - Grogar of G1 was Sombra's mentor. He turned him evil after Sombra was teased and disowned for being...different. He didn't even have a cutie mark as a full grown stallion. And he was also barely able to use (real) magic. Simply levitating was a burden.

Eventually, he ran away to find a new home for the Unicorn Tribe and become a hero. He met Grogar along the way whom he was scared of at first. He ran away from Grogar, discovering Equestria soon after. But it was already occupied. By whom? None other than the Tribes he had left behind. And another surprise: They were friends!

BTW, Sombra is the younger brother of Star Swirl and he was jealous of his older brother's magic talent and popularity.

Sombra ran away from the Tribes before they could find him to wallow in misery, discovering that Grogar had been following him. This time Grogar's words seemed inviting, so he accepted the goat whatsit's teachings. After becoming familiar with the arts of darkness, his magic exploded. From then on, Groagar's teachings shaped him into a monster full of envy and spite. He earned his cutie mark as well.

And by the time he finally saw the light, it was nothing to him...but BLINDING.

And one more thing: After enslaving the Crystal Empire to prove that he could do things like Star Swirl (And to please Grogar), he killed all the Pegasus and Unicorn Crystal Ponies to show that he was the only special one. That's why there were only Earth Crystal Ponies in the Empire when the Mane 6 were there. The other breeds were completely extinct.

That's my theory of Sombra. Ya like?

Clover (the) Clever - Young, magically talented apprentice of Star Swirl. Became the personal assistant and advisor of Princess Platinum after she (Clover) was allowed to come live in the castle with Star Swirl, who had originally been granted permission.

Comes from the Clever family (How is that any worse than Sparkle for a last name?), but as more people began to recognize her, she began to be called Clover the Clever, instead of just Clover or Clover Clever.

What I think she looks like: Purple coat, light pink hair, and dark green eyes. Still working on the cutie mark, but whatever it is it will have something to do with a green four-leaf clover. Her magic will probably be green too.

Princess Platinum -

Celestia & Luna -   

Gotta go. I'll finish this soon.