Why not make another one? Good idea! You know how to play right?

January: You, X and Y go see a movie.

February: X performs in a show for you and Y.

March: You and Y sing a song to wake X up.

April: X turns into a batpony. You and X have to save him/her.

May: Scare X with the help of Y.

June: Go on an adventure with Y to save X.

July: X is your waifu and Y steals it :P

August: Y bakes you some cookies but X eats them before you.

September: Y banishes you to the moon. X is your companion forever.

October: Make a time sorbet with X and Y.

November: Y gets attacked by Timberwolves, while you are having ice cream with X.

December: Save the Galaxy with X and Y.


1: Cheese Sandwich  2: Braeburn  3: Mayor Mare  4: Smarty Pants  5: Rainbow Dash  6: Big Macintosh  7: Rarity 8: Princess Cadence  9: Trixie  10: Bon Bon  11: Doctor Whooves  12: Discord  13: Mane-iac  14: Joe 15: Apple Bloom  16: Derpy Hooves  17: Sweetie Belle  18:Twilight Sparkle  19: Spitfire  20: Snails  21: Granny Smith  22: Diamond Tiara  23: Applejack  24: Lyra Heartstrings  25: Wildfire  26: Amethyst Star  27: Button Mash  28: Starswirl  29: Princess Luna  30: Fluffle Puff  31: Flam

Y (day of your birthday this year):

Monday: Silver Spoon

Tuesday: Flim

Wednesday: Princess Celestia

Thursday: Fluttershy

Friday: Gummy

Saturday: Octavia

Sunday: Dj Pon-3