We haven't played any of these in a while. Let's give it a shot once more, shall we?

You know the rules...

January: Play videogames with X.

February: Dance with X.

March: X gives you a gift you always wanted.

April: Sing Christmas carols with X.

May: Wrap up winter with X.

June: X is your new mother/father.

July: Travel in the TARDIS with X.

August: X falls down a tree, but you are able to catch him/her.

September: Save the world from the evil X.

October: Make cookies with X.

November: X gives you a kiss under the mistletoe.

December: Marry X.


1: Cheerilee 2: Doctor Whooves 3: Cheese Sandwich 4: Rainbow Dash 5: Bon Bon 6: King Sombra 7: Adagio Dazzle 8: Spa ponies 9: Discord 10: Pinkie Pie 11: Derpy 12: Applejack 13: Trixie 14: Scootaloo 15: Princess Celestia 16: Lyra 17: Rarity 18: Princess Luna 19: Twilight Sparkle 20: Sonata Dusk 21: Tirek 22: Big Macintosh 23: Lighting Dust 24: Aria Blaze 25: Apple Bloom 26: Fluttershy 27: Shining Armor 28: Maud Pie 29: Fluffle Puff 30: Sweetie Belle 31: Minuette