I did post this as a comment but i felt like this needs to be in a blog post. My bad.

so i have watched the season 4 clip and i have to say im quite impressed. i see plenty of hard work in see...

1. another scootaloo episode with the equestria games? sounds great. i was disappointed when i say games ponies play, because i thought there will be olympic-games like events. im so happy to finally see it...what it will be. also, somepony actually says scootaloo has "flying problems" i though they will never notice it. and yeah, the bullies are back in town. hey, where is babs? shouldnt she be with the CMC?

2. superhero...i mean power ponies. a lot of fanwork has superhero ponies so we will see some more fan-service or whatever you call it. and the villain...isnt it nightmare moon...combined with doctor octopus? must be spike dreaming big. why not? and look! they are in manehatten, arent they? if yes, im so happy to see more of it. lastly: i dont watch power rangers (if thats what its based on) but i gotta give it a shot.

3. cathy song from applejack. what more we need? i think we should name it about "We're apples together"? is  that pinkie in the wheelbarrow? pinkie joins the apple family...thats what i see. but why? and when they showed us the map...where are they going?

4. last but not least (of course not least!) NIGHTMARE MOON RETURNS??? we never liked nightmare moon as a villain, she was just bad. hey, did she say she can be the only princess in equestira? looks like celestia will go missing again... and where are THEY anyway? canterlot castle? no...i dont think so...a hidden place? and look at that! twilight is still an alicorn princess...maybe luna/nightmare moon will take her wings away...her crown...her princess title? im not sure. THAT would be something that creates mayor arguments in the fandom.

this is very exciting! i cant wait to know more!