A few days ago, a list of possible episodes titles for season 5 was posted. We don't know if they are fake or real. I'm pretty sure we'll get the answer in a week or so. But until we find it out, why not play a little game? Here is the list:

1.The Cutie Map Part 1

2. The Cutie Map Part 2

3.Castle Sweet Castle

4.Bloom and Gloom

5.Tanks for the Memories

6.Appleloosa’s Most Wanted

7.Make New Friends and Keep Discord

8.The Lost Treasures of Griffinstone

9.Slice of Life

10.Princess Spike

11.Party Pooped

12.Amending Fences

13.Do Princesses Dream of Magic Sheep?

14.Canterlot Boutique


16.Rarity Investigates

17.Made in Manehattan

18.Brotherhooves Social

19.Crusaders of the Lost Mark

20.The One Where Pinkie Pie Knows


22.What About Discord?

23.The Hooffields and Mccolts

24.The Mane Attraction

25.The Cutie Remark Part 1

26.The Cutie Remark Part 2

Let's try to guess what would happen in these episodes! Post your ideas in the comment section, I'd like to hear your opinions!