Now that Season 5 is confirmed, many people across the world start thinking: What will happen in the next season? We don't know for sure, but it's really fun to read each others' ideas. And this is what we'll do in this blog.

The first persion writes down his or her episode idea. Only one episode per comment. The second persion has to rate it from 0-10 scale. Feel free to point out your favorite parts and what you think is wrong. Then the second persion writes another idea for the third persion to rate and so on.

Here is my idea. The first to comments gets to rate it.

Team Flightless: Scootaloo gets more depressed every time somepony mentions that she can't fly. And she's not the only one. Spike has a hard time being a flightless dragon. So Spike and Scootaloo decides to team up and try to find a pegasus who has enough time (and nerve) to teach them how to fly.