note: im not finished yet

Season 1

Episode Rating Note
Friendship is Magic (part 1) 7/10 I disliked the long explanations. But it's still a nice episode.
Friendship is Magic (part 2) 7/10 Oh yeah long explanations.
The ticket master 5/10 I've seen better.
Applebuck season 7/10 It had a few funny moments, but i've seen better.
Griffon the brush off 5/10 I didn't like Gilda either. Especially when she made Fluttershy cry.
Boast busters 7.5/10 Trixie wasn't THAT bad. Not even when she acted like a goddess.
Dragonshy 4.7/10 Boring story.
Look before you sleep 7.5/10 Enjoyable, even tough it was about a sleepover.
Bridle Gossip 7.2/10 The "curse' was quite funny.
Swarm of the century 8/10 Life in a nutshell.
Winter wrap up 7.5/10 The song was beautiful, but there was nothing special in the episode.
Call of the cutie 6.5/10 I really missed Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle. The other CMC episodes were better.
Fall weather friends 8/10 I don't know why so many people dislike it.
Suited for success 7.7/10 20% cooler than most episodes.
Feeling Pinkie keen 8/10 The same as Swarm of the century.
Sonic Rainboom 8/10 Taste the rainbow.
Stare master 8.1/10 This one stoned me.
The show stoppers 7.4/10 I liked the episode, but the music could be better.
A Dog and Pony show 6/10 Nothing new or interesting.
Green isn't your color 8.1/10 Fluttershy steals the spotlight from Rarity. Nothing else.
Over a barrel 6/10 Meh.
A bird in the hoof 6.7/10 Watched it too many times but funny.
The cutie mark chronicles 8.5/10 Learned the history. Liked the story.
Owl's well that ends well 7.2/10 Can't say anything about this one...
Party of one 6.7/10 Pinkamena gives me the creeps.
Best night ever 8/10 Nice season finale. The song was great too.

Season 2

Episode Rating Note
Return of Harmony (part 1) 9/10 Discord is my favorite villain and this episode was perfect to start Season 2!
Return of Harmony (part 2) 9/10 This part had even more chaos and randomness.
Lesson zero 6.7/10 Disliked insane Twilight but the spotlight finally moves to other ponies too.
Luna eclipsed 9/10 Halloween rules! So is Luna.
Sisterhooves Social That's a nice family you have there Rarity.
The cutie pox
May the best pet win!
The Mysterious Mare Do Well
Sweet and Elite
Secret of my excess
Heart's Warming Eve
The Last roundup
The Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000
Read it and Weep
Hearts and Hooves day
A friend in deed
Putting your hoof down
It's about time Time travelling is epic!
Dragon quest
Hurricane Fluttershy Fluttershy was pretty badass.
Ponyville Confidental
MMMystery on the Friendship Express
A Canterlot wedding (part 1)
A Canterlot wedding (part 2)