It's that time again. We have another action-packed episode. Didn't really feel excited for this one, but after watching it, I think it was pretty decent. Let's do it right away! Just don't forget: spoilers are enemies.

So, this episode is mainly centered around Dash. I mean... VERY mainly. She had a different personality in this one. And you know what? She was acting just like me! I was like "oooh, only 3 weeks until season 4 airs, yay!!!" and she was like: "counting the days, and my excitement gets bigger every day"... oops got a little carried away.

Then, we visit Dar...I mean A.K. Yearling to help her with her book (if you want something done...). After that, everything happens quite fast: trashed house, pretty ring, salespony with cool accent (russian or spanish, I guess). Speaking of that ring, it could have been something better looking. Maybe a diamond, a silver statue or a tribal mask. And what a surprise! It has ancient powers! And if somebody likes ancient power, that's Trixie... but he is not in this episode, so Ahuizotl takes her place. I remember him: the strange creature with hand-tail, the god of cats. But he is not really creative... leaving Daring in that trap like that for the 25th time now. He should KNOW she will escape as usual.

Now onto the ceremony. The rest of the many 6 don't really do anything, just annoy Ahuizotl by playing with the extremely-powerful ring of destiny. So, yeah that ceremony was kind of boring. I wanted to see what will the ring do to the ponies or the world. But no, its broken forever and Ahuizotl will avange this...again.

Even though Daring Do ignored (or at least tried to) Rainbow, it was nice that she wrote a book about her adventure with her new friend. What else could I say? Ohmygoshohmygosh!!